Sunday, September 28, 2008

FALL (work) FUN !!!

NO STAMPING YET TODAY but just had to share what I have been up to today!!!

It has been a GORGEOUS Fall day here in NE Ohio and my dear husband and I have been busy (and enjoying) doing FALL types of things. For instance, my mother (and our) tomatoes are about finished for the year ... getting a little too cool to ripen properly so I decided to make (what we always called at home when growing up) "Picalilli".

If you look it up on the internet, most Picalilli recipes include cabbage and peppers along with the green tomatoes and onions and is chopped like a relish. But, the "old timers" recipe I'm using, (which is what my mom used), calls for sliced green tomatoes & sweet onions, along with pickling spice, mustard seed & tumeric. The internets name for what I just described is "Pickled Green Tomatoes". What ever you want to call it, it's just down right yummy next to a sandwich.

My fond memories of Picalilli were walking home from school, cutting a big chunk of Luger's bologna and opening a pint of mom's home canned picalilli. That was MY after school snack!!

Mom only had a half dozen plants and I only had 4 ... but we were able to get enough green tomatoes to make 13 1/2 pints of Picalilli. This is going to taste SO good this winter.

Since we already had the kitchen in "canning" mode, we decided to have a little more fun and make up some "corn relish" too. There happened to be a recipe in one of my books that caught my husband's attention. I made a quick run to the local market to get what was required and here is the result ... 7 pints yielded from the recipe ... more than enough for the two of us!!

I forgot to mention that while we were having all this fun ... we had a smoked pork butt, cabbage, potatoes & carrots cooking in the crockpot!! What a wonderful feast we had for dinner after all the canning was completed!! YUM!!

Now it's time to head to the craftroom and see what magic I can make in that part of the house. Kitchen is all cleaned up and back in order . . . time to play!


jrmom said...

I'm sooo happy you guys had such a wonderful day. You certainly deserve it! As good, if not better, than a day trip to "Amish Country". Looking forward to see what majic you whip up in your favorite room. Thanks for the great story and delicious pictures.

Anita Kurtz said... had me licking my lips getting ready to invite myself over. Then you mentioned the smoked oinker's patoot, lol ;-)

catdidit said...

Omg, I havent had picalilli in...YEARS! My mom used to make it too, and just loved it, just like you said, with a bologna sandwich! Yours looks delicious sitting there even in the jar!

Stampin' Meg said...

MMmmm I remember picallii- my grandma was from Missouri and she would put up jars of it-it was yummy!

Sarah said...

Oh, yummmmm!!! What a delightful memory of bologna and pickles...I can remember that, too! Part of the enjoyment of those homemade goodies is the satisfaction of making them yourself. TFS

Amy Johnson said...

Well I can too, but only tomatoes and salsa. I've never heard of 'picalilli' before. Interesting.

Marisa said...

Ok Darlene, where do you find the time to do all this. I have never tried canning anything in my life.


Sara said...

Wow!! this looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing your memories and creations

Joan Fricker said...

You beautiful jars of corn relish looks so delicious. Doesn't it give you such a great feeling to have these sitting on your shelves for the winter.