Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time Change

OMGosh ... can you believe it's NOVEMBER already!!!

For those of you that this applys to ... don't forget to change your clocks BACK!!! That's right, you get to pick up that extra hours sleep that you lost in the spring!!

Funny story ... after giving my husband some grief about what time it was this a.m. and we hadn't changed the clocks back yet ... he rolled over and immediately changed the clock. Then while we were talking he commented on how bright out it was for the time ... well, long story short we finally figured out that the new clock I bought for the bedroom was a "SMART" clock and had already changed the time back ... guess we don't have as much time to get ready for breakfast as we first thought!!!

Have a great day all!!! Hope the extra time you find in your day today is able to be spent stamping!!! See you later with some works-of-art (I hope)!! Enjoy!!

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