Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mom is 80 !!!

WOW ... it's so hard to believe that my Mom was 80 yesterday! She doesn't look it or "act" it! She's always so busy that I have a hard time keeping up with her! Seriously!! She goes dancing and singing ... she sings in the church choir, gets together with her remaining siblings (ages 84, 86 & 90) to play cards, goes on different outtings with the Red Hat ladies ... well, you get the picture ... she's a very active woman and I'm so glad she is!!!

Yesterday I was absent from blogland & crafting to spend a little quality time with her on her birthday as well as finish hooking up her new computer system! That's right ... she's an accountant and does all the bookwork for the church on the computer. I have her files set up mainly in Word & Excel and she does pretty good as long as she doesn't hit a "wrong" key ... then she panics a bit!We had a fun day! My Aunt Jenny (on my dad's side ... who will also be 80 in March) joined us for a little "linen" shopping then lunch. My daughter & granddaughter joined us for dessert and my mom was tickled when the restaurant ladies all came out with a cupcake & 1 candle and sang Happy Birthday to her. That was my daughter's idea and I'm so glad she did that ... added a little extra special touch to our little impromptu gathering!!

We are going to have a party for Mom but we decided to wait until the month of May when the weather will not be so much of a concern and her friends can ALL come to join in on the celebration!!

I had my camera with me all day ... and don't you know it, I forgot to take it in to the restaurant with me ... NO group photo ... NO photo of Aunt Jenny ... BUT ... my cousin Beverly stopped in to visit with me and wish my mom a Happy Birthday and was sweet enough to snap a few shots for me! THANKS BEV!!!

Well, it's nearly 8 a.m. and even though they are predicting snow today ... my friend Terri Snode (Terri's Cards N' More) is coming to visit and we are going to make cards ALL DAY!!! Hope to have some cards to share with you later! Have a great day everyone!!!


chercroppin said...

Well Happy Birthday wishes for you Mom Dar....she sure doesn't look 80! My Grandma just turned 98 on Tuesday...and it's amazing! What a sweet pic of the 2 of you! xoxo

Janine said...

Hi Darlene!! I am so sorry that I haven't been by in awhile. My husband and I have been at a trade show and it has been busy so I am trying to do some catch up!! Lovely cards lately I must say!! What are you up to this weekend. It is FREEZING here in London Ontario!! -13 Celcius this morning!! Spring can come any time soon!!

Crystal said...

AWW Darlene Happy Birthday Mom!!! AWWW those are great pics of you two...So glad you enjoyed your day!!!

jrmom said...

It was a great visit Mom! I will have to make sure you remember your camera when we celebrate her 100th birthday :)

Maria Matter said...

what great photos!!!
Happy Birthday to your lovely Mother!!

blessings, Maria

sewingseeds4U said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet day. What a blessing for all of you!

Joan Fricker said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom. What a great picture of the two of you. She is a very pretty lady and sounds like full of fun. Memories you will never forget. I am so glad you culd spend the day with her and have your family join you!

Please give her a hug for me!!