Sunday, October 3, 2010

While we slept . . .

 . . . this is what was done to the outside of our house!!

 Evidentally some of the neighborhood kids didn't have anything better to do with their Saturday night but go around throwing toilet paper all over people's houses & front yards.  And yes they even did some in the backyard!  There is a motion sensor light back there so they didn't do nearly as much as the front.  They were bold enough to even walk onto the front porch and wrap it around the lights on either side of the front door!!

The dots in the photos are RAINDROPS ... yep, it's raining and that makes the TP stick even better.  WHAT A MESS!!  Oh well, I'm not the only one in the neighborhood that this has happened to so I'm trying not to get too upset!  Uuugh, kids!!  We didn't go to bed until after midnight!!  Why are these kids out so late??  Where's their parents??

Oh well ... we are headed out to breakfast then I'll deal with the cleanup!  Not a nice thing to wake up to ... BUT the house up the street got it twice as bad as we did ... guess I should consider myself lucky!

Happy Day All!


  1. OMG...they need their boodies kicked...and then they need to clean up. Their parents are probably with them or too wasted to care...because if they had taught them any respect your place would look as beautiful as always.

  2. Well thank goodness they ran out of TP or the whole street could have been covered! I guess it was just as well it was all they could get their hands on!

    What a stunning house you have Dar, you could 3 of mine into yours and still have space I reckon!

    Keryn x

  3. oh my hun
    that is an mess
    thats not normal but hé who am i to judge
    hugs angelique

  4. Oh, this just means you are well loved (hee hee)! Now if you think about the cost of TP...

  5. What a bunch of 'a' holes!!! If it weren't frowned upon over here I'd give 'em a good slap if I found out who it was!! Still think they should bring in curfews for kids. . .
    Have fun tidying hun (NOT)
    Teri x

  6. Bless your heart! I'll admit, we use to do that when I was kid at Halloween, then one year my daughter and niece done it to my yard, (Pay back, what goes around, or it could of been that time Mom said wait til you have kids LOL). It is hard to clean up, sorry. Your house is beautiful!!

  7. Oh...Em...Gee! How do you even go about cleaning that up? I mean the yard isn't a big deal, but up in the trees? Yuck! I don't envy you that job...especially after all your painting yesterday!

    On a brighter note, your house is stunning and I'm totally jealous!


  8. Dear Lord!! What a bunch of idiots! Yeah, it looks a mess but thank god it's easy (if not time-consuming!!!) to clean up! I'd be fuming too - little gits!!!

    By the way, your house is amazing! xxx

  9. The mind boggles! Why??? Does this pass as entertainment?? I think it's time that parents of kids who cause mayhem should be the ones that get punished, maybe then they'd start parenting! Good luck with the clean up hun. x

  10. Oh how naughty! I thought Halloween was on the 31 October. Looks like you have a long month ahead of you. Poor you.
    Hugs, Teresa xxx


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