Saturday, August 13, 2011


What a fabulous day I had today!!
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Last year was the 1st "LADIES TEA" sponsored by the Historical Society back in my hometown and my cousin Beverly (above photo - green dress w/white hat) is the coordinator & spokesperson.  Last year she asked me to bring along some of my cards to sell to the ladies (primarily vintage in style to follow the theme) and I'm proud to say she had requests to have me back again this year with my paper crafting wares!  It was wonderful to see some of the beautiful hats these ladies sported!

This years theme was 'BUTTERFLIES' and it was fascinating!  The speaker was a lady who has been 'raising' butterflies for over 10 years and was very informative (Jody Hopper from Mt. Jackson, PA).  The table centerpieces were baskets of flowers wrapped in tulle to keep contained the three beautiful butterflies within.  FABULOUS!  This particular species is called "American Painted Lady".  She had several other species with her and each one was more fascinating than the last!

(My Aunt Jenny [Bev's Mom] is the lady in the center)

An amazing array of tea sandwiches, scones & flavored teas was on the menu.  Also note how beautifully adorned the tables were with their vintage tea cups & tea pots.  Each chair back was covered with hand embroidered pillow cases ... several of which were actually hand done by my very own grandmother who has been in heaven for over 40 years.  How wonderful to see her work again!

This lovely, young 13 year old girl, Michalea, was our entertainment for the 2nd year in a row and she plays this harp BEAUTIFULLY and very skillfully!!   In this photo she is playing her 43 string harp named Marie and she won this beautiful instrument in a competition.  How wonderful is that!!  Michalea has been playing the harp for 4 years and I am so impressed with her talent!!  Sounds WONDERFUL!!!

Beverly arranged for me to set up my cards, tissue box covers, altered tablets and trinket boxes in one of the classrooms right off the dining area which was GREAT and gave the ladies plenty of room to go through the cards and view the other things I had to share.  As you can see ... I had PLENTY of cards to sell so I offered a ONE TIME ONLY special price for the ladies and I must say they were VERY GENEROUS in their purchases.

A very successful & fun filled day!  And how wonderful it was to share it with my Mom (in the black dress) and one of my aunts ... Aunt Perky.    I look forward to next years LADIES TEA ... not sure how they are going to TOP THIS YEARS EVENT ... but I thought that of last year's tea!! LOL!

Looks like I'd better get busy making more tissue box covers & altered tablets ... they were very popular and I have a craft show coming up in November!  Thanks for letting me share my fun day with you!!



Lana said...

Oh how awesome this all looks Darlene,and what a wonderful tea time event, thank you so much for sharing this! Everyone looks so happy. I am glad they bought so much of your lovely items you do such a great job!!!!!!

Lisa B said...

How fun! Since I work in a Tea Room I know how the ladies enjoy it. And to be able to shop afterwards and buy all your gorgeous creations..OMG they must of been head over heels seeing your stuff.

Question...what is that on the table with the tissue boxes? Looks like a flat thing then a box to put something in.

sallysbitz said...

Looks like you had a brilliant day.
Great way to sell your cards etc x

hugs sally x

Amanda said...

What a great photo's, love to see them, great hats the ladies are wearing!

Hugs Amanda xx

Sandi said...

Wow Darlene, love all the hats! You have a ton of papercrafts, yikes! From what I can see of the tissue box covers, it looks like you packaged them flat with the lid separate. Don't you glue your lids onto the base? That's the hardest part for me is getting those lids attached, but it would be easier the way you show it packaged. My husband wanted to know if the tissues come with it, LOL! He's a character!
♥ Sandi

Fluffles said...

Ooh, this looks like a lovely day out. Is once a year enough though? Jx

Joan Fricker said...

Darlene, what a wonderful day. I love the hats and sure looks like these ladies outdid themselves in their presentation.

I am so glad you sold so many of your wonderful craft items. Great job my friend!!!!!