Saturday, October 15, 2011


Happy Saturday Everyone!!

I've been telling my friends about the Make-Over my house is getting and thought you might like to have a peek too.  During the summer, we managed to give nearly every room a fresh coat of paint and new carpet was put in the entire upstairs.  The downstairs rooms were replaced when we moved in 8 years ago and with there only being the two of us ... only one room gets wear & tear ... the Family Room and we put a berber carpet in there and it's holding up very well.

But this past week, we were focusing on the OUTSIDE and decided to have a landscaper come and give us some ideas and work up a drawing for us and we both liked what he came up with.  It was VERY AGGRESSIVE but I think it gives the house a wonderful new look.  What do you think?

BEFORE (View 1):


 BEFORE (View 2):
BEFORE (Full view from the street):


Keep in mind, these plants are only 2/3 their full size and I think that's something the original landscaper didn't take into consideration.  Come spring/summer there will be a variety of color and as the plants start to grow, I think it's going to look fabulous.  We also sprinkled SPRING bulbs all through the beds for that early pop of color in the spring.  

Did you notice we moved BOTH trees??  I really like the new location of our Jack Frost Birch tree and with a flood light shining up through it at night ... it looks fantastic.  I'm still getting used to the little apple trees new location but I think it will be okay.  Oh yea, we relocated all the outside lights too.  I'll have to get a night time photo to share with you ... it looks SO MUCH BETTER!!

BTW ... the NEW SHUTTERS were delivered yesterday ... now to get them up before winter hits!  Too windy today to tackle this task but hopefully we'll still have a few nice days before the S_ _ _ flies!!

Well that's it for me today.  I'm having 5 ladies come (for the 1st time) on Tuesday for a card making class ... so I'm trying to get everything ready ahead of time.  I'm also going to be teaching a project out at Joan's Gardens in Indiana at the end of the month so I'll getting those packets all together as well.  AND ... the craft show is coming up on Nov. 5th ... still have LOTS to do for that!  YIKES ... I'm running out of time!  Guess I'd better get busy!  HAPPY WEEKEND TO YOU!!!  


Patti P. said...

Darlene, your home looks beautiful and I hope you will show us pictures in the spring when everything comes along. I looked back at some of the flowers we put in our new front bed three years ago and can't believe they were ever that small. It will be so lovely and love how you can really see your lovely home now that the shrubs are gone. Wow, you have some pretty mums on your porch. Tfs and hope you enjoy your classes.
Patti P.

jrmom said...

I can only see one picture :( but fortunately it's an 'after' and it looks beautiful. Can't wait to get up there and see it in person.

Trina said...

That dark mulch really sets off your awesome lawn. Beautiful house!

Nicecrane Designs said...

Wowww, woww,wowwww Darlene,,,,OMG I want visit your home,,,,,,,love it, love it, love it, it remember me old movies landscapoes,,,,love it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,elelelelelelelee

Selma said...

Looks like a lot of work but it sure is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your project at Joan's workshop.

Carol (Gingerbeary8) said...

Hi Darlene, just wanted to stop by and say hello. Your house looks gorgeous. Love the clean lines of the landscaping. Here wishing you happiness, health, and creativity abounding.

Bear Hugs,

Karen's Mind Thoughts said...

Your home looks just beautiful! Nice work!