Sunday, September 23, 2012

FALL is upon us ...

... and that means if you grow a garden (or even a few plants like I do), it's time to get some canning done for the winter months.  

Happy Sunday Everyone!
Mark & I have been busy doing a little canning and I thought I'd share it with you.  I grew up on a small farm and we ALWAYS had a large garden and spend many, many days canning various vegetables to have for the upcoming winter months.  Although I live in the suburbs now, I do plant 3-4 tomato plants (hidden in the landscaping - gardens are not allowed) each year because there's nothing better than a home grown tomato!  Once the season comes to an end, I use the last of the green tomatoes to make one of my childhood favorites:  

A lot of people think 'Picalilli' is pickles ... but it's not!  
It's green tomatoes & yellow onions sliced, 
put it a salt brine overnight, rinsed and cooked for a short time in 
sugar, vinegar, pickling spices and a few other spices.  

Then they are packed into sterilized jars, sealed & hot packed for 15 minutes.  
(I will share the entire recipe with you if you are interested.)

A couple of years ago I discovered a hot dog relish that I really LOVED but had a difficult time finding it when we moved from one location to another so hubby said "Why don't we make our own"!  I thought "are you kidding" but he was serious ...we made it and it is awesome!  
Ingredients:  Sweet Onions, Red Peppers, Sugar, Vinegar, Spices

One of Mark's favorites is corn relish ... which he enjoys as a side dish.  He searched the internet a couple years ago ... found a recipe that sounded good ...we made it, he liked it so we made TWO batches this year.  He actually did all the preparation.  I just did the jar filling/processing part of it.

Ingredients:  Corn (fresh or frozen), Red Pepper, Red Onion, Green Onion,
Garlic, Hot Yellow Pepper, Cilantro, Vinegar, Spices

So there ya go ... this is how I have spent my weekend!
It's a bit of work, but hubby & I enjoy doing this together and it's SO GOOD in the winter when you can't get the fresh produce of the summer months.

I still have a peck of 'little' green tomatoes that I'm trying to figure out what to do with.  I remember as a kid that my mom put them up in jars (whole little tomatoes or quartered) with dill & some other spices/herbs but she can't remember how she did them.  I tried a recipe a few years ago that I thought sounded like them but of course with processing them they were 'soft/mushy' when opened and I remember they were firm ... like just picked!  Guess I'll have to do more research ... IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS, please let me know.  I want to be able to preserve them in jars but not sure I can do what I have in my mind!!

Have a wonderful remainder of your weekend!

EDIT:  If you are interested in the recipes for these goodies, please click on the Recipes & Home Canning tab below my blog header.  


  1. Wow...I am jealous...these look fantastic!! I have alot of green tomatos, too...I love them fried with a dill Aunt used to make the best sweet green tomato pickles...I'll have to see if my Mom has her recipe and try it myself....would love the Picalilli recipe!!

  2. It look so yummi and I would love to try your recipe. It is the perfect time with tomatoes in the greenhouse.

  3. Yummo!!! This all looks delish and is a special talent! Thanks for sharing these fun pictures! Would make a super scrapbook page or two!!!

  4. Darlene: Your corn relish, onion relish and Picalilli looks so yummy. I have had corn relish, but I have not had the onion relish and Picalilli. How do you use the Picalilli and Onion relish? Is it like a chow chow that we use for pinto beans? I love fried green tomatoes, but the tomato season is just to short. I love the picture of your husband sitting there working away. How wonderful he is to help you. Thanks for sharing your creations.

    Margie F.

    1. Margie ... I have added the recipes for these goodies on a new PAGE of my blog. You can see them by clicking on the 'Recipes & Home Canning' Tab under my blog header. I've given you a few suggestions on how to use them also. These are our three FAVORITE canning items. ENJOY!


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