Friday, November 23, 2012


Happy BLACK FRIDAY Everyone!
NO ... I'm not one of those crazy shoppers who jumped up from the Thanksgiving dinner table to get in line at the stores so I could be first to grab onto those bargains everyone has been advertising!  Don't get me wrong ... I LOVE TO SHOP ...but just getting too old to deal with the crowds!  LOL!

Instead, I'll spend my time today doing a little clean up after yesterday's FABULOUS THANKSGIVING DAY FEAST with my family and maybe start thinking about replacing my Thanksgiving decorations with Christmas decorations ... you know how fast time flies!!  But before I start that 'crazyness', I wanted to share a couple photo's with you of what I am MOST THANKFUL for!  My little family!

(Back row L - R) Granddaughter, Morgan ... My hubby, Mark ... Grandson, Jonathan ... SIL Frank ... Daughter, Carolyn
(Front) Me and my Mom

(L-R)  Morgan with fiance CJ
Mom and gentleman friend Ken

Yes, EXCITING NEWS!, our granddaughter & CJ got engaged a few weeks back!  They are planning an October 2014 wedding which gives her time to complete her college education at Kent State where she is studying to be a Sign Language Interpreter. 

 My 'baby' Carolyn & hubby of 21 years, Frank!

 OH MY STARS . . . where has the time gone?
My 'little family' is growing up and I am so proud of each of them!

It has been a beautiful, peaceful day and we are thankful for the OH SO MANY BLESSING this year.  2013 holds great hope for a few new changes in our lives. . . Mark is now retired . . . Frank is venturing out and opening his own business . . . Jon will start driving in the spring . . . and of course Morgan / CJ will have lots of wedding plans to start putting in motion.  We pray God will watch over us again as we do our best to provide & guide our children through life and it's many challenges!

The work is done and now it's time for Mark & I to just sit back and enjoy all the memories we've made today with our friends & family!
God Bless Each of You!

Please come back soon when I'll have new crafting projects to share & hopefully inspire you!


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jrmom said...

It was the PERFECT day Mom! Fabulous food, relaxing atmosphere and many many laughs with good conversation. Yes we are VERY blessed and I'm extremely thankful.

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Great photos of your family Darlene and Happy Anniversary to you and Mark!

You are a lucky lady!
PS - all the samples you have been sending me ROCK!
Thanks a bunch


Diane said...

Love these photo's...this is what makes it all worth it....we have our family party on the 16th too.....I just love it...thanks for sharing!!