Friday, July 5, 2013

Can it really be???????????

Hello Everyone ...
How was your 4th of July?? 
Can you believe it's already the DAY AFTER the 4th of July!  Uuugh summer is slipping away so quickly!  Anyways . . .
Mine was awesome!  Good food, good friends/family - LOTS of FIREWORKS!
(Warning:  Post is photo heavy!)

Before it even got dark ....

How many fireworks can you set off in the driveway at one time????

During their 'grand finale.
LIKE I SAID ...  (can you tell my kids like fireworks??)

BUT, before all the festivities began, there was some food preparation needed!  We were in charge of desserts so . . .

Remember our cherry tree photos I shared with you in THIS POST ... well, I got the bright idea to make a home grown, homemade Cherry Crisp to take to the party.  Mind you, we have lived in this house for nearly 10 years and although I/we have picked cherries from this tree in past years and eaten them, I have NEVER attempted to make a pie/crisp/cobbler out of them because they've never been as plentiful as they are this year!  So with hubby's extra foot of height, we easily picked 2 qts. of cherries and also on our property line there is a black raspberry bush and they too were ready for the picking.  Then came the fun part ... PITTING THE CHERRIES!!  Uuugh ... took me 45 minutes but it was all worth it because the end result was DELICIOUS!  We got 2 cherry crisp made so we took one to the party and kept one home for ourselves.

During the time it took me to get the pitting completed, I asked hubby to mix up a German Chocolate Cake ... just in case the Cherry Crisp was a BUST!  

After mixing up the batter he decided to get a little FANCY and swirled chocolate syrup over the top before baking.
Not only did he make this cake (while I was pitting) but he also whipped up a batch of pasta salad with all the extra goodies in it ... Vermont white cheddar cheese, diced ham, green olives, red onion ...
OH YEA ... he's a very creative cook!

Guess I'd better go sit with hubby for a few minutes!  I've been trying to get this post put together ALL DAY and here it is nearly bedtime and I'm finally ready to share yesterday's events with you.

I did have a card to share but guess I'll have to save it for tomorrow!
Hope your 4th was as much fun as ours!
Until next time and as always . . .


  1. Looks like a great day and great food. xxxx

  2. What fun, and those dishes...YUMM-O! We have been having a very quiet weekend here...My Mom is here visiting, and my Sis is coming today!

  3. The desserts were a HUGE hit!!! We had such a great time and are so glad you guys joined us. I think everyone LOVED the cherry cobbler.


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