Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I don't care how old I get . . .

. . . I always look forward to my birthday and as I age, each one is better than the last! What a blessing!
Want to see what hubby gave me for my birthday?

Yep!  It's the Keurig I'm been complaining about NOT having!  I'm not a huge coffee drinker and I enjoy making the pot of morning coffee for him & I to share ... but there are just those times when I'm in the mood for a Cup of Java and don't want to make a full pot ... hence the need for this lovely little machine!!

Granddaughter Morgan and her new beau Matt bought me this AWESOME Rachel Ray tea kettle ... FABULOUS ... LOVE the color! 
OH and before I forget ... thanks to all who sent well wishes for Morgan during her latest hip surgery which was last Friday.  This is the 3rd surgery in the past year and it's taking her more time to 'get it together' ... but she's working on it and Matt is doing a fabulous job of taking care of her!

(Matt & Morgan ... aren't they cute!)

OH and since we're hoping her grandfather NEVER needs his crutches back, one of Mo's friends 'personalized' them JUST FOR MO!

 Tell me these won't draw some attention!  But they sure scream "M-O-R-G-A-N" ... can you guess her favorite color combination?  LOL!

And here's what my daughter & grandson gave me ... yea, yea I know I don't need all these sweets but hey ... 
it's my birthday ... I'm allowed!  LOL!

(BTW ... I finished the bag of circus peanuts while I was typing up this post ... energy food ya know!)

Well I guess I'd better try to get something 'constructive' done around here!
Thanks for stopping by and as always . . .


  1. Oh wow you were truly spoilt. Wishing you endless cups of caffiene boosts with your new mean machine.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Love this post!!! So glad you enjoyed your birthday. I wondered if you would get a kuerig...

  3. Glad U had a nice birthday!!! And very happy Morgan is doing well, she is so young to have to go thru all this...and her new beau is a cutie!! Don't eat all those goodies before your trip or I won't recognize you...lol!! See you soon!!

  4. Looks like you had a great birthday! My dad used to by me circus peanuts when I was little. Enjoy all of your goodies!

  5. Happy Birthday Darlene!!!
    You were fast making cards before BUT NOW with the caffeine & sugar buzz you'll reeealy be pumpin even more of them out LOL Hope you had the happiest of Birthdays!!!! Enjoy your trip can't wait to see what all you gals make this time :)

  6. sounds like a super birthday!!!! congrats!

  7. Yah, looks like you had a great birthday!!

  8. You will love your Keurig! I resisted getting one ("Do we really need more stuff?) and now it's my favorite appliance. I'm a tea drinker...and it is so nice to have a hot cup in an instant! Happy Belated Birthday, Dar! Hope your year is filled to overflowing with all the things that make your heart sing for joy!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Darlene! You will LOVE the Keurig. It is so convenient when you want a quick cup of coffee and it's perfect everytime. I even take mine in the camper when we go on trips! :)


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