Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hello my friends ...

Earlier this week I requested your help in choosing a photo that most depicted the word 'TOGETHER' ... which is the challenge word over at OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD blog


 ... from the 5 photos I shared with you (you can see the others HERE if you didn't get a chance to participate). 
And the overall selected photo was:

This adorable photo of the liter of Jack Russell Terrier puppies from which my granddaughter Morgan picked her loving little LYLLA  (farthest right and the runt of the liter).

Lylla is a very happy & loved little dog and is VERY attached to Morgan.  I am not a dog lover (sorry) but I must admit even I have fallen in love with this quick moving, bouncy, happy, just wants to be loved pup!  Lylla is less than 6 months old but has the personality of a grown dog. 

Since you all loved this photo ... here's a few more that will warm your heart!

(where Morgan goes ... Lylla goes!)



 Like I said ... Anyone who knows me KNOWS I am NOT a dog lover ... but I must admit Lylla is different ... she's cute & funny and I just can't help myself ... hence, look who's holding Lylla!  LOL!!

Thanks so much to my friends and followers for helping me decide which photo best suited this fun, inspiring challenge.  Oh, and by the way ... the second most selected photo was the photo of my daughter & granddaughter TOGETHER kayaking.

Hope you are having a good day and thanks so much for stopping by.
Please stop back again tomorrow when I'll be sharing the new OCTOBER CHALLENGE at Shelly's Images.  It's going to be FUN and EASY ... you'll certainly want to play along!!

As always ...


  1. Little would be sooooo cool if you won with her photo. I think you're a dog just don't want to admit it...haha...Brutus, Josie and now Lylla...just saying <3

  2. Those puppies are adorable! Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh,how very cute! Perfect together photograph :)
    Best wishes,Nessa xx

  4. what a cute puppy and it sounds like she is doing a very good job of winning everyone over (whether they're a dog lover or not)~!
    sweet shot of the pups 'together'~!


  5. An absolutely adorable picture.

  6. Oh my ... how could you pick from these beauties ... wonderful photos! So glad you shared them with us at Our Beautiful World!

  7. I can so feel these photos and the love, we just had a new Papi 3 weeks ago, oh boy, I am a mom once again, LOL! Thanks for linking up this week at Our Beautiful World!

  8. oooh what lovely adorable photos!! makes the heart swell! A best friend for your granddaughter for sure!

  9. You 'almost' make me want to go get a dog again! Lylla is adorable! Such beautiful pictures!

  10. Wonderful and fun to see photo's, I can see why you had a hard time choosing!!

  11. I can't stop smiling, looking at this cutie!!. I LOVE cats and dogs and mostly furry animals :). I think, Lylla must have thought Morgan is her mommy!. Sweet thing. Thank you for sharing their bonding time with us @ Our Beautiful World!:).


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