Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter's Past ...


Yep!  That's me (on the left) with my sisters, all ready for church on
Easter Sunday 1957.

We may not have had 'a lot' when I was growing up, 
but we ALWAYS had a new dress for Easter!

I'm so blessed to be able to spend another Easter Sunday with these lovely ladies today!
Everyone is bringing food to Mom's house after church ... yum!
I hope you're enjoying the love of  family around you today also!

UPDATE:  Getting ready to head to Grandma Great's house (my mother)!
Potato salad made with my homemade picalilli (family recipe) is in the fridge and here's a peek at the colored deviled eggs Mark & I just finished to take along.  I did the coloring while Mark worked his magic on the filling.  So Yummy!  Oh ... and the idea for coloring eggs this way came from Pinterest!



Marianne said...

Nice pictures Darlene and happy easter to you and your family.
Hugs, Marianne said...

Such sweet memories you have brought for me this morning. I had forgotten those little white gloves we all wore. We seldom got to buy a hat but we got a new dress and shoes and socks with lace on them and those lovely gloves. Happy Easter!

jrmom said...

LOVE!!! I've spent the morning on for sharing these adorable pics.

Gracie CH said...

Oh my what a delight those photos are! You and your sisters look so cute and sweet and classy... My goodness! And those recipes look yummy! What a wonderful day you must have had!

Diane said...

Wonderful Easter picture of "Easter past".....and "what time is dinner?" of yummy goodness here!!!

Holly Young said...

I'm so jealous of how pretty your deviled eggs turned out. I have a "devil" of a time peeling my eggs without damaging them!