Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Morning ...

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

I was just outside watering my flowers and thought I'd snap a
couple photos to share with you.

On the side of the garage, it's a Morning Glory TAKE OVER!  LOL
Believe it or not, there is (was) a rose bush on that corner.
After returning from our month long trip in May, I noticed that the rose
bush hadn't survived the winter but at that point, the Morning Glories
had already started taking over the space so I just left it alone.
Come fall ... I will take it all out of there and start anew.

To give them another place (other than the down spouts)
to climb on, I put up this structure that did have
wind chimes hanging from it and was a gift from friends,
but the windchimes are laying on the shelf needing restrung (another
task I hadn't gotten around to yet ... my bad) so put it in place for the
morning glories ... appears they appreciated my efforts.


After that horrible 'shattered sunroof' incident on the interstate,

she's all fixed and back home!  YAY!!

Well that's it for me today ... sorry, no crafting to share today,
just the reality part of my happy life!  LOL

As always, thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to stop by!


Bunny said...

I love your beautiful morning glories. They are fabulous. [Bunny]

Diane said...

Welcome home car..heehee...your Morning Glories are beautiful, my gardens are a BIG mess and I am sure full of snakes and who knows what else, so am enjoying seeing your pictures..keep em' coming!!

scrAPpamondo said...

Your Morning Glories are so beautiful (but sorry for the roses LOL ). Glad that your car glass is fixed :)

Judy Woodland said...

LOVE Morning Glories. We can't grow them here because the bunnies love to chop them off right at the ground line....little stinkers. Yours are beautiful. Oh, and so happy you have your Subbie back too!!

Sue Kimmet said...

We had the sunroof explode on our car a couple of years ago, in heavy traffic on the interstate. More than exciting. I'll never have another sunroof, for sure!

Verna Angerhofer said...

I am glad you got the car back. And, I love the morning glories too. But I bet the rose was gorgeous as well in it's day.

Conniecrafter said...

Wow your morning glories are doing so well and look fabulous!
I bet it feels good to have your car back, so glad you came out of that accident ok!

Donna Phelan said...

That car situation must have been soooooo scary! Glad you are okay and your baby is back where she belongs! And I will say I am vry envious of your Morning Glories! Aren't they just so beautiful!

Linda S. said...

I'm sorry, I must have missed the sunroof saga. May I ask what happened?

jorjorbeth said...

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Leslie Miller said...

Those morning glories are so beautiful! The white ones grow wild here and are very invasive. They want to climb on our back fence and we have to keep pulling them away before they wind up all over the garden. They are gorgeous, though. Maybe I should let them take over. It would be easier... Also, love those wind chimes. They look right at home with the morning glories. I didn't know about your car. I'll keep reading... Sheesh, that sounds scary!