Sunday, March 22, 2009

Way to go MO ...

Recently I received a text message & photo from my granddaughter Morgan (who lives an hour away) showing me her new earring additions.
She has had her ears single pierced for some time now and she said she's been thinking about doing a double piercing so she finally took the big step and even went one step further and had a 3rd piercing done in the upper part of her one ear. Don't they look cute!!!
Unfortunately I haven't yet seen her in person to get a really good look but she's grown into quite an awesome young lady and I'm thrilled she's happy!! As long as she doesn't pierce her tonque ... don't think I'd like that!!
Bear with me as I'm still trying to figure out my new laptop and what I need to do in order to still be able to upload photos & such while sitting at Cleveland Clinic over the next couple months. I have found that my camera (though a GREAT camera) does not have a driver compatible for this new Vista setup. For now I'll have to take photo of my cards with my phone ... and upload from there ... may not be perfect but will be better than nothing!!

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Kay said...

You are such a HIP grammy!