Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday fun ...

I copied this photo from my daughter's blog so I could share with you what fun our granddaughter, Morgan was having at her birthday celebration. "MY" MO turned 17 yesterday and with Mark being ill, sad to say we were not able to go visit for dinner, cake & ice cream. They did have wonderful family friends over and it appears they had a fun time.
It looks like Daddy Frank (holding her hands) had a part to play in the "icing on the nose" caper!! They have a very strong family bond and even though Mom & Dad can be strict and demanding at times, they also know how to have fun and share a good time!
Being the grandparents, we've tried to keep our nose out of their business yet still make sure they know that we are there for them anytime they need us. I am so proud of these kids ... they work very hard to make it on their own and have taught their children the value of a kind word and a giving heart! God has certainly blessed us ... thank you Lord!!


  1. What a happy, beautiful girl! You are blessed!

  2. Yea, Dad was the cultrip (sp?) in getting the cool whip all over Mo...but he was actually protecting himself at this point as she was trying to "share" her sweet treat. He managed to avoid looking like Morgan and Josie helped in the clean up. You two were certainly missed. Her 18th B-day is going to be quite the celebration!


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