Monday, February 8, 2010

A Peek Out My Back Door ...

(click images for a larger view)
Brrrrrrrrr ... it sure is cold this morning in NE Ohio.  But when the sun finally came up, this is the beautiful picture I had looking out over the backyard. It would have been a prettier picture without my footprints where I trudged through this knee high snow to fill the bird feeders and put some corn & peanuts out for the squirrels.
 Aren't the tree tops beautiful with the ice against this gorgeous blue sky!!  From what the weather people are saying ... we'd better enjoy today ... another storm is on it's way for tomorrow & Wednesday ... oh goodie, goodie!! 

Well, I have a few errands to run so I'd best get to it!  Hope you are having a nice day!  If not, please try and make the best of it!


  1. Darlene, this is such a beautiful site, oh how much I would love to be seeing that view outside my window right now. Absolutely gorgeous...there is just something so beautiful about how the world looks when covered in snow! Enjoy it and stay warm!

  2. Sure does look chilly - brrrrr!
    You make sure your fridge and larder are well stocked if there is another storm coming!!
    Stay safe hun!
    Teri xx

  3. Dar...these photos are GORGEOUS! You need to scrap them or make them into cards..or just mat them and frame them!!

  4. How beautiful, Darlene! Thanks for sharing these beautiful snowy images--lovely yard you have! Be careful driving around today--glad you have a tiny break in the weather! Talk to you later!

  5. I don't mind your footprints, they are feeding the hungry! God will bless you for loving his critters! :)
    Those photos are gorgeous! Stay in the craft cave and create up a storm, wait...not a good word...

    How far are you from Lorain? I have lots of family all over there?

  6. This is so pretty Darlene.. It would be a work out just walking through that snow. I am glad that it is your way. I couldn't take another week like last.. Great pictures..

  7. Amazing Dar...gorgeous photos! I cannot even in Central FL, we're having some unseasonably cold weather too! Stay warm girl!


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