Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irish Dinner ... a day late!

Good Evening Everyone!  Yesterday (St. Patty's Day) was supposed to be shared between my (Irish) husband & myself but plans were changed and I ended up spending my time in Pennsylvania with family instead! Which I totally enjoyed but felt bad that I left him alone on St. Patty's Day!!   Well, let me tell you I have the sweetest husband in the whole wide world!! 

He decided since I was busy yesterday, we would have our "Irish Dinner" tonight and celebrate!  He did the shopping after work last evening (in my absence) and when he got home tonight he prepared this yummy dinner for us!!  It really wasn't a difficult dinner to make but it sure was GOOD!!!

He said they were all out of Corned Beef at our local specialty market by the time he got there so he bought Boar's Head Thick Sliced Bacon instead.  A small head of cabbage ... a few red potatoes ... couple of onions and THIS WAS DINNER!!  I'm not a cabbage lover so didn't think I'd like it!  And, not wanting to hurt his feelings I ate it and WOW ... it was awesome!!!  I think we'll be having this again in the future!  I might have to rethink the cabbage dislike!! LOL!!

Okay ... have a great evening (or morning) where ever you are, teehee!!  Just needed to share this with you!!


Terri's Cards N' More said...

Wow Dar! This meal looks fantastic. Mark could make this for me anytime. You are very fortunate to have a husband who shops and cooks.


Marlene said...

Looks YUMMY!!!! But sheesh, next time you're in PA, you're really gonna have to let me know. LOL.

Maria Matter said...

oh, this looks sooo good! I love cabbage, I'm writing this down! lol
Your husband sounds like a keeper!
Hugs &
Blessings, Maria