Sunday, October 10, 2010

BEAUTIFUL Fall Weekend . . .

What a BEAUTIFUL Fall weekend 
we are having here in N.E. Ohio!  

HAPPY SUNDAY TO YOU!!  We are headed to Pittsburgh, PA to visit with my MIL today but we sure enjoyed yesterday!!  I was still trying to get the 2nd coat of paint on my "poofy room" since hubby's knees were bothering him & going up/down the ladder wasn't a good idea!  So he decided he would help me with some of the outside work that needed done before cold weather set in.  He not only trimmed all the hedges along the front of the house, he also went back into the picnic area and burned the pit full of branches that had been piling up due to high winds this summer.

The little neighbor girls were thrilled to see him out there and went back and forth visiting with him.  Olivia got busy with making a 'chain' using the flexible twigs that fall from the locus trees ... she was very patient and made a VERY long chain.  

Of course since I took Olivia's picture, Emily just had to get in on the act!  LOL!!  She's our little 'drama queen' (note the pose)!

Mark gets the biggest charge out of these two little girls and they just love visiting him ... especially when he gets the fire going and they know there will be marshmallows to roast.  When Emily came down for the marshmallow I realized I had thrown them away because they were from last summer.  In a panic I ran to the other neighbor to see if she had any ... she didn't but made her son Tony run to the local store for some.  Tony's 18 ... here's what he brought back . . .

Yep, they are multicolored Halloween "ghost" marshmallows!  It was tricky but we roasted them anyways and the girls thought it was GREAT to roast-ghosts!!!

What a GREAT day ... hope you're weekend has been as much fun and as productive as mine!  Happy Day All!!

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