Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweetest Day Surprise!

What a lucky woman I am!!

Even with all the medical discomfort hubby is going through right now, he didn't forget me on Sweetest Day yesterday!  On our way back from the hospital on Friday, while I was at the Pharmacy getting his prescription, he was at the floral department getting me these beautiful roses! 

I hadn't taken a photo until this morning and with the sun streaming through the sliding glass door in the kitchen, I realized it was spotlighting my roses and hurried to grab my camera!

I really should take the time to read my camera book can do so many things and I know I could have obtained a gorgeous photo but hey ... that would take away from my crafting time and I think I know 'enough' to share my creations with you so ... the camera class will have to wait till another time!!  LOL!

Hope you've had a great weekend!!  Mark & I just enjoyed watching our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers WIN against the Cleveland Browns!  YEAH!!!!!  Now it's time to prepare dinner!  Thanks for stopping!!



jrmom said...

They are beautiful and I love how the pics came out. I really like your new blog background too.

~*Joni said...

Oh you are so deserving! These are beautiful in the light, no camera manual could capture it better. :) Yay Steelers! One of my friends from college was a big namer there for a while until he retired. ;)

Sandy O said...

OH, your hubbie is such a sweetie. He chose a beautiful bouquet for you.

Your pics are perfect. The morning light did a great job highlighting the roses, as you said.

I really haven't read my camera instructions yet either and I have had it for several years now, lol