Sunday, May 8, 2011

WOW ... what a fabulous Mother's Day!!

Did you have a wonderful Mother's Day?

(L-R .. grandson, Jon - granddaughter, Morgan, My Mom, ME, daughter, Carolyn)

I sure did!  We went to Pittsburgh yesterday for a "Tea" at the Sunrise Nursing Home where my MIL resides (it was awesome) and then I surprised my Mom and showed up at her church for services this morning.  Since my daughter & grandchildren also attend the same church, we were all able to be together and enjoy not only the wonderful word of God but a delicious lunch following the service at my Mom's house.  How blessed am I!!!  And as an extra surprise, my older sister, Linda also surprised Mom at church!  She was so thrilled to see us sitting out in the congregation!  She sings in the choir and also sang a solo today ... JUST BEAUTIFUL .. made my sister & I cry!!

(L-R ... my sister, Linda ... MOM ... ME)
After lunch and before going on about our crazy busy lives, we wanted to get a few photos.  Luckily my daughter remembered her camera since I forgot mine!!  And I just couldn't wait to share them with you all!!
You're never too old to act a little silly ... and we are certainly proof of that!  These two poses were my sister's idea ... can you tell who's the WILD one of the bunch??  LOL

WHAT A WONDERFUL, BLESSED DAY!!  I only pray we have many, many more years ahead to share with our precious Mom (Gram as my daughter calls her).  She is certainly the GLUE that holds us all together and knows how to enjoy life!  (She looks pretty good for 81 years old, huh!!)

Before pulling out of the driveway (and from the passenger side of the van) ... my grandson hollered over to his great grandmother to stand next to Ken (Mom's Gentleman Friend) for a quick photo.  This is what he snapped ... GOOD JOB JONNIE!!!

Thanks everyone for letting me share this wonderful day with you!  I hope you found wonderful joy in your day too!  

Hugs ... Dar


jrmom said...

Today could not have been any better!!! I am sooo blessed to have an amazing Mother, Grandmother and children.

kurlygirl said...

Awww, great pictures Dar!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Amanda said...

Hi dear Darlene, I love to see the pictures of your mother's day with you and your mum and family, I sincerly hope that many may follow!

Hugs Amanda

marsha said...

Love seeing your family photos, what a great looking group! How wonderful that both you and your DH still have your mothers. Happy Mother's Day!

Sandi said...

Looks like you had a fun and great day with your family! Keep making memories, because that's one thing that nobody can take away from us!
♥ Sandi

Marlene (cards4u) said...

What great pictures! They sure do capture the beauty and joy of your day!

Olga said...

these pictures are fantastic!!!!! Thanks for sharing..........

Dottie said...

This Picture is just wonderful You have no idea how very blessed you are to still have your Mom and Sister. I love both of mine. but I am still blessed to have my wonderful brother.
~ God Bless ~