Friday, September 9, 2011

Ooops ... nearly forgot

to share the birthday photos with you of daughter, Carolyn and grandson, Jonathan. 

Carolyn was ?? years old (I know what it is but don't want to say ...) on Sept. 3rd and Jonathan was 14 on Sept. 5th ... so we got together for a cookout and birthday cake on Sunday, Sept. 4th.  This year the kids had a GREAT idea for their mom for her birthday.  Remembering that they have two horses ... Romeo & Meg

they thought it would be nice to 'spruce up the barn' with some new paint here & there as well as load it with 100 bales of hay for the upcoming winter season.  With hay being $3 a bale these days ... needless to say, the kids needed a little 'financial' help and Pappy & I were happy to oblige.  The kids did all 'the work' and Carolyn was thrilled ... she said her barn never looked so good!

Carolyn said she didn't know how Morgan & her friend, Patrick got 100 bale in there ... but was happy they did ... believe me, it is stacked to the rafters.
 Oh ... and I forgot to mention they also bought her new grain bins too!  I know that look like trash cans ... but I was informed that NO ... THEY ARE GRAIN BINS!  See the identifiers on the top!!  LOL

The kids really outdid themselves with the painting!  This long black gate was repainted ... the red front door on the barn as well as the red & white stall gates were all given a fresh coat of paint!!  Here's (r-l) Carolyn, Morgan & friend Sandy Mashburn on their way back to the house ... almost time to eat.  BUT .. on the way, Mother & Son (Carolyn & Jonathan) decide on a little game of One-on-One ... Hmmmm wonder who won?

Jonathan is now 14 and believe me ... he is ALL BOY!  Between racing junior dragsters, hunting, and just anything else that 'boys' do ... he puts his whole heart into it!  Gosh he's growing up so fast (just like Morgan who is now a sophomore in college).


Jon was surprised when after blowing as hard as he could ... the candles just kept relighting!  I guess they'd never used those before so it was great fun!  At the age of 14 ... Jonathan would prefer $$$$$ over gifts because he has his eye on something special and is saving up for it (I think it's a DIRT BIKE ... Uuugh something else for me to worry about him getting hurt on! LOL)  So ... needless to say ... Pappy & I gave him a 'special' birthday card with money enclosed.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my family fun time with you!  Wishing you each a WONDERFUL WEEKEND AHEAD!!  We have friends coming in from Toledo tomorrow ... so I'd better get busy cleaning this dusty house before they show up! 



Courtney said...

How fun Darlene! Looks like you had a great day!!


jrmom said...

What a great weekend! Thank you for helping with the hay and being with us...wouldn't have been the same without you. When I hook up my flame thrower I'll call you and we can kill the weeds together ;-)