Monday, October 31, 2011

So Much To Share With You . . .

Happy Monday  & 
Happy Halloween

I've have been SO BUSY this month and just wanted to share with you today some of the activities I've been up to ... hope that's okay!

Recently I shared the new landscaping project we had done to the front of our home.  We are so pleased with the outcome.  Moving the two trees was an adventure and relocating the landscape lighting made a huge difference.  A few people asked me to post a photo showing the lights on the house at night so I quickly snapped a few shots last night before it got totally dark.
 (click on the image to enlarge for a closer look)
 We have also decided the old shutters really took away from the curb appeal so we are now in the process of replacing the old louver shutters with new double panel shutters.  As you can see in the photo, the upstairs shutters are still the OLD ones and the lower level have been replaced with the NEW ones.  With the exception of the ones on the brick ... need to locate different fasteners to use in the brick.  But, hopefully we'll have it all done over the next week.  After all, 'Winter' is on the way ...  as experienced by you folks in the new England states over the weekend!

From last Wednesday through Saturday, I attended another awesome workshop at Joan's Gardens.  Joan asked if I would like to teach the ladies how I make my tissue box covers and of course, I was thrilled to say yes!  Here are photos of the Friday group of ladies [above] (there were workshops also on Saturday and Sunday) as well as the projects Joan had for us to do [below].  There were some fabulous new techniques and I hope to share a little more on that topic with you later in the week.
(front of pop-up Snowman card)
 (inside of pop-up Snowman card)
 (Tapestry - LaBlanche Stamp on Sticky Back Canvas)
(Box stamped & gold embossed with Heartfelt Poinsetta's on top)

LASTLY ... I would like to share with you, photos of a few neighbors dressed up for Saturday night's neighborhood Trick-or-Treat (200+ came to my door).
(l.) Emily and (r.) Olivia Adkins
Aren't they just the cutest!  And Olivia's costume was home made!! 
And here are our neighbors Christy & Travis Shamp.  They had an adult Halloween party to attend, so they dressed early and were in costume to hand out candy before leaving for their own party fun!!
Christy is so cute and Travis was down right scarey!

Well, with being away, I've fallen behind on my DT work so I'd better get busy.  Thanks for letting me share with you today!  Don't forget to pop back tomorrow for the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge!  Hope to see you then!!

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marsha said...

Darlene, your home is just gorgeous, TFS! I saw the photo's on Joan's site and I'm sure you had such a grand time!