Sunday, July 1, 2012

A vintage chair . . .

Happy Sunday Friends

I found this vintage chair at a flea market in Amish Country (Walnut Creek) last week while spending the day with my friend Gretchen.  I (and another lady) spotted it at the same time and I decided to keep looking around and if it was still then when we came back then I'd buy it.  WELL ... obviously it WAS there and now it's mine and will soon have a new home in my guest bedroom.  After applying the 1st coat of paint I realized I forgot to take a BEFORE photo ... hence the Black/White picture ... Grrrrrr!

A shade of purple is the color I will be starting with and see what happens from there.
Hubby has suggested painting the spindles various 'vintage' colors but I think I'll wait until I find the seat cushion I want and draw inspiration from it for additional decorating.  Our guest bedroom is done in lavendar & mint green so I want to keep those colors in mind.

This chair has some beautiful detail  ... not sure if I should do 'something' with that or just leave it the solid color.  At time of purchase, it was painted white with a 'blue' chandelier painted in the center of the opening in the scroll work.  Yuck!  So I did my best to SAND off the chandelier since I didn't think it really fit the chair style.

Any ideas?
Leave me a comment.
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a FABULOUS day!


Cheryl said...

oh Hun,the back of the chair,is just so beautiful,if it was me,I would love too,see something like a beautiful bird of paradise on the, chair,peacock or something,to go with the flow of the wonderful work on the back,as the markings are very similar,but know what ever you do Hun it will be a real work of art hugs Cherylxxxxx

sassy said...

wow id love to get my hands on this....dunno where id start but whatever you do my friend it will look awesome you will make all those details come together im sure love it and what a find..happy painting darling hug and love ssassyxxxx

Rita said...

Oh Darlene, I love this chair, all that beautiful carving on the back. The style of the chair itself is just perfect for a guest bedroom. Looking forward to what you do with it, no doubt it will be very classy anyway. Hugs Rita xx

Shelly Schmidt said...

What a fabulous chair- my Grandma used to have chairs like this in her kitchen....... I look forward to seeing it when you are done..... Here is something one of my blogging friends did:

Not sure if this would work on this chair or not- how cool is that?
Hope you are staying cool!

Nan G said...

Love the scroll work across the chair back! I would highlight that some how. A darker shade of lavender or maybe white. Depending on your cushion .. Flowers in the center frame. Have fun with it! Can't wait to see what you do with it! :D

jrmom said...

After you finish painting why not rub some dark wax into it to bring out the beautiful details? The style reminds me of Grandma's dining room chairs.

jrmom said...

Although, I have to say I kinda likes Pap's idea of different color spindles.