Monday, September 24, 2012

A "Crafty" Birthday

Hello everyone and welcome to another MONDAY!!

Does it seem like there's just not enough hours in your day??  It sure does to me!  I had planned on doing this post a week ago and just never got around to it ... so today, I will share with you the 'Craft Case' I made for the little girl next door's birthday a few weeks ago.  

Olivia turned 10 and when I ask her what she'd like for her birthday, she thought for a minute then said "Either crafting stuff or stuff for my new puppy" (yes, they got a new puppy - Golden Doodle - named Levi).  I'm not a dog lover but I must admit he is cute!!

 Well, needless to say, I wasn't buying her 'puppy stuff' for her birthday so CRAFTING STUFF it is!  Here's what I came up with and it was a big hit!

I bought the 12x12 handle case at JoAnn's and decorated it by using the Cricut to cut out her name and added a few K&Co 3d butterflies.  Of course it is jammed full of all kinds of goodies to craft with.  It was the first present Olivia opened and she was thrilled!

A few days before the party Olivia's grandma expressed to me that Olivia was curious if I was going to make her a 'special' card like I had for her past birthdays.  Her grandma told her she was sure I would since I had every year for the past 9 years!

Truth be told, I had made a card with Olivia's birthday in mind a few months back for a challenge and put it in a 'safe place' ... well, guess what?   It is STILL in that 'safe place' because I can't find it!  SO the day of the party I was scrambling to make Olivia's 'special' card and here's what I made.

I just love doing these Tri-Shutter cards and knew she would be fascinated with it too!  I had to chuckle when she instructed her sister to "pass it around for everyone to see".  What fun!

So a very Happy Birthday to young Miss Olivia!
Now to come up with a really good idea for her & her sister's Christmas gifts!  LOL!

OH ... OH ... OH ... Remember I told you I had some exciting news to tell you!  Well I still can't tell you ALL THE DETAILS but I can give you a clue ... I'm being FEATURED!  Stay tuned ... more details to come!  
BUT ... I do have other exciting news to share ...
I'm jumping on a plane next Monday (Oct. 1st) headed to Topeka, Kansas to link up & meet in person, Shelly Parker (Shelly's Images) and spend 3 days with her!  I am so excited and can't wait to give her a big hug.  We've joked about doing this and I told her I was going to tell Mark I wanted to go to Kansas to meet Shelly.  She said  "He'll say WHAT?"  (which he did) then he said "so book a flight and go".  Well, you don't have to tell me twice!!!  LOL   What a great husband I have!!!

With that being said I'd better get busy and make sure I have all my ducks in a row!!


Desire Fourie said...

Darlene this is so beautifully designed. Loving your creative style. Gorgeous photos of Olivia and you as well. Wishing you a fab Monday.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Shelly Parker - Shellys Images said...

Yippeee!!!!! I can't wait until you get here. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! I love Olivia's craft goodies and the story behind it. Many times adults say that kids don't pay any attention to special cards and stuff like that. Olivia really proves that kids love that. Great job!!! How many days, hours, minutes to Monday? The excitement is killing me. :)

Diane said...

What a lucky girlie to have you for a neighbor (want to move by fun to see kids so interested in the crafty "business" it....and that puppy, makes me want to cry...I have a Golden Doodle....they are busy pups, but so worth it....tell them to hang in there with him thru all the puppy trials, it is all good