Sunday, February 3, 2013

Are you ready for some football?

It's almost time for Super Bowl 47 and I thought I'd share with you our traditional Super Bowl dinner.  Sometimes we wait for halftime to indulge but in the last few years we've decided to make it our dinner since halftime isn't until around 8-8:30 pm ... too late to be eating for us!

It's called "PAVLICK SUPREME"!  It's similar to nacho supreme but hubby puts his own twist on it.  And that twist is the yummy good chili that he makes.  He doesn't even give me the actual recipe but I know it has:  Cube Steak cut into 1/2" cubes, Green Pepper,  a couple of yellow onions, Garlic, a can of chopped tomatoes with jalapeno peppers, a jar of our homemade hot salsa and spices ???

Mark makes the chili ... I do the assembly ... we both ENJOY!

Step 1:  Arrange a layer of your favorite Tortilla Chips in the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan ...

 Step 2:  Spoon on a layer of your homemade chili (while it's still hot) . . .

Step 3:  Sprinkle on your favorite cheese topping ... we used Sargento 4 Cheese Mexican

Step 4:  Prepare your toppings by ...
Chopping the tomatoes ... shred the lettuce ... chop green onions (optional) ... open your sour cream
(also have additional nacho's available)

Step 5:  Now it's time to place your 'supreme' under the broiler for a few minutes until cheese is melted.

(Yes that's a beer ... Crystal Lite Lemonade just doesn't go very well with this meal ... LOL!)
Enjoy the game!  I'll be back tomorrow with some crafting creations to share with you!

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Stephanie said...

That sounds and looks yummy. Thank you for the sweet comment you left me. You have some beautiful creations. I'm a new follower. BTW, I love your dinner plate.

Charlene said...

Looks yummy Darlene :D

Charlene said...

Looks yummy Darlene :D

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Oh, yum!

Vickie Duffill said...

OK thanks a lot Darlene, now I'm hungry! *Laughs* It all looks Yummy!!!