Saturday, September 5, 2015

Time Goes By Too Fast . . .

Hello Again Dear Friends ...
 Just wanted to take a quick minute to share a card 
I made for my grandson Jonathan's 18th birthday today. 

 A quick explanation of the card front photos!
Let me set the stage ...
I come from a very large family (mother had 3 brothers and 8 sisters) and for as long as I can remember, we ALWAYS had a family reunion.  With there being 44 First Cousins, the day came (28 years ago) that we decided it was time for us to 'expand' the reunion to an ALL WEEKEND event with Friday evening and Saturday being just the 1st cousins ... then Sunday the entire family.  This all takes place on the eldest 1st cousins many acres farm.

A few years back, at the Sunday FAMILY reunion, one of my other cousins provides all types of fun to keep the kids occupied.  i.e. Dunk tank, Blow Up Water Slide, one of those Bounce Houses ... you get the idea.  But before he started doing that the little car slide you see Jon riding on in the first photo (2005) was always occupied.

Last weekend at the reunion I ask Jon to 'humor me' and go sit on the slide one last time before he becomes an official 'adult'.  He was sweet enough to do this for me but at 6'4" ... he had a hard time even pretending to sit on it let alone attempt riding it!  LOL  Such a good sport!

We should have known back then he would be a racer!
After all ... this little thing had WHEELS on it and could go fast for a little tike! LOL

Hence the inside of his card! 

It is computer generated to showcase his love of racing as you can see by these photos.  
And yes ... he's very good at it! 
He has a room FULL of trophies to be proud of.

Thanks so much if you've taken the time to view this post and comment!  

I have always LOVED being a MOM and have been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren that bring me so much love and joy!   Life is GOOD!!!


4 comments: said...

such a handsome young man! Happy Birthday Jon!

jrmom said...

He will LOVE your card! I can't believe my baby is It all went too fast...we sure are all blessed to have each other.

Leslie Miller said...

Awww, Darlene, this was super fun to read! Jon sure is a cutie patootie and I can see in his face and eyes that he's a good kid. Your reunion sounds like great fun! Eleven kids! Wow!! Your card for Jon is just wonderful and I'm sure it made him blush and smile and feel good all over. Grandmas are the BEST!

Diane said...

Fabulous post and wonderful memories...yes, they sure do grow up fast on us don't they? Love how you got to sit on that and what a surprise it had to be...great job!!!