Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How blessed am I ...

After staying at the hospital a little later than usual last evening (got home around 9:30), I got home to find a message from one of my neighbors so I returned the call and they asked if they could quickly stop over because they had something for me. Of course I said "sure, come on over" and this is what Tim & Sherry Miller had for me!! Isn't this awesome! The bread is homemade wheat bread that Sherry just made and the 1/2 loaf in behind on the left is homemade pepperoni/cheese roll ... YUMMY!! Also in the basket are cans of soup, packs of 90 second noodles, parfaits, strawberry jelly, computer games cd, a wonderful Serenity book and a lovely get well card for Mark. They said they knew I got home late and didn't feel like cooking and thought this would help me out! How sweet is this and what a great idea!!!

While we were sitting there talking Tim noticed there was someone else on the front porch and it was another neighbor Travis & Cristy Schamp who noticed my porch light on and took the opportunity to bring over the cookies Cristy had made for Mark. She knows how much he loves cookies. He can't eat them right now but in a couple of days he'll be thrilled to have them! As you can see through the plastic container she has tulips & butterfly cookies that are iced in various springy colors! Another sweet, sweet gesture! What was really cute and made Mark smile this morning is the card with BUG stickers all over it ... she knows what a "kid at heart" my husband is!!!
Again ... how blessed am I to have such wonderful neighbors ... ALL OF THEM!! Another neighbor, Phil Adkins, was sweet enough to cut my grass last week and he did a WONDERFUL job!! He knows how picky I am about my yard, (what can I say) and was concerned that it wouldn't meet my approval ... I cried and told him it was perfect ... and it was!!! He even cut the front yard at an angle just like I do. What a guy!!!
Other neighbors have offered to make food, clean the flower beds ... what ever they can to help us out right now! What a great neighborhood we have ... everyone is always ready to help each other!! A huge backyard party is going to be in order once Mark is home and feeling up to it!!
Thanks for letting me share my good fortune with all of you wonderful online friends! You too have been so encouraging and generous with your well wishes & prayers ... God Love Ya!!


  1. Wow! You have some really nice, wonderful neighbors. You are very blessed. Most of us don't and usually have trouble with our neighbors. I'm so glad that other people who live near you are helping out. You so deserve it.

  2. Awww, I'm so glad to know your neighbors are taking care of you! I hate that I've been so busy and unable to be a better friend, so I'm glad for your awesome neighbors! :)

  3. What a wonderful gift! Not just the basket and cookies, but your neighborhood friends. It makes me feel good as a daughter that they are there watching out for you, and helping in any way they can. Tell them your daughter says Thank You. By the way...Big Number...Big Number! Love ya!

  4. What a blessing to have such thoughtful neighbors who are there when you need them. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. Pat


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