Monday, May 11, 2009

I am so blessed ...

I guess you could say I'm a very "simple" kind of person ... don't need lots of fancy clothes, go out for fancy evenings or travel Europe ... as long as I have my family, I'm VERY happy!!

With DH recouperating from his stem cell transplant, we are being very careful for the next month or so with having visitors to the house. When my "kids" ask if I thought it would be okay for them to visit me on Mother's Day, of course I said YES ... With only having one daughter (Carolyn - she has a blog too - Cara's Country) I refer to her, her husband and her two children as "my kids". So, yesterday afternoon they came for a short visit after surprising MY mother and attending her church service instead of going to their own church ... what a nice surprise for "Grandma Great" (as my mother likes to be referred to).

They all looked so pretty/handsome when they came in and they came bearing gifts & food!! So thoughtful. Just the fact of them being there would have been enough of a gift for me ... but knowing how much I like "little things" I was thrilled with these cuties and wanted to share them with you. Aren't these kids adorable and check out my new blue birds ... I just LOVE them both. Of course, the Ice Cream cake was a wonderful addition to my waistline too!! What a fun visit ... I wished we lived closer so we could visit more often ... of course then neither one of us would get any real work done ... sure would be fun though! Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek ... have a great day!!


  1. You are blessed indeed! Prayers lifted up for your DH's recovery.

  2. How wonderful Darlene! I know you had a very special Mother's Day. - Kris

  3. I am so glad you had a great Mother's DAy! You sooooo deserve it!!!!

  4. I'm so glad you had such a nice Mother's Day Darlene,the little girl and boy are so cute and of course I love the birds! Please stop by my blog I have a little something for you. Take Care

  5. How sweet! Those children are beautiful who makes them? They look a lot like my children! Thanks for sharing (:

  6. This is precious. I love your gifts. How sweet are they. I am so glad you got to enjoy Mother's Day with the ones you treasure. Hugs to you..

  7. Happy belated mothers day, my friend!


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