Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stamping with Friends ...

Today a few of my stamping friends came over to "PLAY" & "SHARE"! It's always such fun to get together with these ladies. On the left is Lana Edwards (SCS: stampin bear) and on the right is Terri Snode (SCS: tesno or her BLOG).

Lana was sweet enough to bring her "Slice" machine and not only show us how it works but let us cut whatever diecuts we wanted for future use on our creations. She also shared some new Sugar Nellie images with us ... paper & ink was a flyin'!!!!

Terri also brought "goodies" to share. She knows my LOVE for vintage (and now I have Lana doing vintage too, teehee) ... so Terri brought several vintage images to share with us. After informing her that the "Ways To Use It" challenge over on SCS today was "Very Vintage" ... she spent a little time to choose JUST THE RIGHT image for her challenge creation.

She also brought an enormous amount of Halloween "goodies" ... not only all of these diecuts but also satin ribbon, pumpkin ribbon, leaf vine ribbon, and even tulle!! This is a photo of what was "left" after we picked it over, LOL!! She also brought some of her new images to share ... like I said, "paper & ink was a flyin'!"

Since Terri was working on a vintage card and I was running around doing everything "but" stamping, LOL ... Lana decided to put these cuties to use and make Halloween cards for her grandchildren. Check 'em out! Aren't they clever and just the cutest!!! You can click on any image for a "closer look"!!

Around 2:00 my friend Sandy, who is a postal delivery person (mail-lady), and a very talented paper crafter (but doesn't "do the computer thing") called to say she was done working for the day and was on her way to join in on the fun! She was happy to stamp some of the images that Lana & Terri brought to share and start coloring!! And as you can see, I finally stopped running around and started stamping, coloring & creating!! The last time I got together with friends to "PLAY" was out in Shipshewana, IN with the Stamp Simply ladies ... so in honor of that good time, I wore my "I Got Stamped in Shipshewana" teeshirt that the sweet & generous Janine Orchard had prepared for each of us. I thought maybe it would help get my mojo going ... it took awhile, but IT WORKED!!!

I know this has been a long post ... but I just had to share all the good time!! We also had a good lunch (I love to entertain!!) ... I made homemade potato salad, tuna salad on french bread with fresh garden tomatoes and fruit salad. It was yummy and not too fattening!! This last photo is just to prove what a crazy bunch we can be ... but very fun loving!! Poor Terri ... was today's VICTIM!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and letting me share my fun day with you!! I am SO BLESSED to have wonderful friends ... both locally and in cyberspace!!
EDIT to orginal post ....
I meant to do a shout out to the other two wonderfully talented ladies who had hoped to join in on the fun today ... Crystal Irwin and Angie Cortes ... but due to their children beginning school this week and unexpected school commitments popping up ... they were unable to attend. Next time ladies ...


  1. Looks like it was a really great time!! Sorry I missed it :( We definitely make it next time!!

  2. Darlene, Thanks for such a wonderful day today!! You and Terri are both so generous and so much fun!!! Loved our play date!! You gals are such enablers!!!!!!! You know what I mean Dar LOL
    The lunch was fabulous too ahhhh such a nice day with such great friends
    Hugs to you both and can't wait to play again.

  3. Looks like you had a blast!!! WOOT WOOT look at all those halloween goodies!!! so sorry i missed it, for sure the next time!! Hugs!

  4. I'm so jealous! You got to play with your friends! looks like you all had a great time!
    Kim xXx

  5. Omword!!! Is that your craft area? It looks HUGE.... lol

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun :) Im jealous, I need a few people to stamp with, I only have Jess, but she's busy alot... lol.

  6. Oh, that looks like great fun! I need to host a day like this soon!

  7. Darlene!! I am so glad that you wore your shirt!! I always wear mine aorund the house!
    Looks like you had a fabulous time. I love the sound of your lunch too!! YUMMY!!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. These ladies are so great! Good for the creative juices and good for the soul. Maybe next time I can join you guys.

  9. ooooh I'm soooo jealous!! Looks like you gals really had a great time! I may just surprise you one of these time but you better be ready LOL

    Oh and I so want to get my hands on that pile of Halloween cut outs. Oooohhhh......weeeee.....


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