Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Baby is 40 ...

Tomorrow (Sept. 3rd) is actually my daughter's 40th birthday... (I was a child bride, LOL) ... but in the hopes of surprising her, WE (her friend Sandy, husband Frank, daughter Morgan and myself) put together a dinner party tonight! We were successful ... she was surprised (cried even)!! There has been a lot of things going on in her life lately and she really needed a nice surprise ... WE ... were very happy to be able to give that to her!!

Morgan works at a florist so she & Sandy took care of Balloon & Flowers! There were a LOT of balloon & flowers !! (Well done ladies!!)

It was a small group, but consisted of some of her best & closest friends. With working outside the home, starting up a business of her own, two kids in school, racing, etc. ... etc. ... there hasn't been much time left for "Carolyn"! Well tonight was "All About Carolyn" and though it was for only a couple of hours, I know she cherished each moment!! Carolyn was thrilled to see her friend Beth Bayda sitting at the table ... Beth was a god sent when Jonathan (my grandson) was a baby and I was living 4 hours away ... when she couldn't call Mom in the middle of the night, she could always call Beth!

Even though I took SEVERAL photos, I will share a few more photos with you and save the rest for Carolyn to post on her own blog! Her friend Sandy honored her with a "40" tiara and Morgan was more than happy to place it on her head!

Carolyn received several wonderful gifts from her friends ... stamping/scrapbook supplies, figurines, books of encouragement and enlightenment, birthstone earrings, and more that I can't remember at the moment, but we all cracked up laughing when she opened this pair of "reading glasses" (which she may need now that she's OLD) ... but in a Mother's Opinion ... I think they look rather attractive!!

Now these chocolate covered strawberries are MY kind of birthday present!!! But somehow I don't think she's going to share ... LOL!!! You notice she's indicating she's only going to have "ONE" ... yeah, right!!!!!

Now for my last and favorite picture! Do I have a reason to be proud or what!!! It seems like only yesterday that my dear, sweet daughter was born and here it is 40 years later ... where have the years gone!!! I am very proud of the person my daughter has become! She's a wonderful, devoted wife ... an amazingly attentive, loving mother and the best daughter any mother could ask for!!! Keep doing what you're doing my sweetheart ... because even though you doubt yourself at times ... You've Got It Right !!!!!


  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...I learned from the BEST. I love you Mom! For the whole thank you stop on over to my blog.

  2. What a nice surprise!! Happy 40th Carolyn!

  3. Happy birthday, Carolyn! What a lovely three generation photo!

  4. What a wonderful celebration. I really enjoyed viewing all the pictures.

  5. What a great surprise. Looks like she loved it!

    Were you about 4 when you had her?!

    Great looking group of women in the last photo! =)

  6. Fabulous photos Darlene!! The three of you are GORGEOUS!!!

  7. What a wonderful surprise party it looks like you pulled off. How fun also to see the generation picture of all you smiling beauties.TFS Dar. Pat

  8. What a beautiful bunch of girls! (the boys are okay, too!) Love that picture of the three of you, Darlene! And happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  9. What a beautiful family, Darlene, and wonderful surprise for your daughter. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3-generation picture at the end of your post! Look at those beautiful smiles!

  10. Arn't daughters and granddaughters the bomb! Nothing else like it! We call our 3 gen-pic "The Home Girls". What a beautiful family and a beautiful post! Add my happy birthday wishes and pass it along!

  11. I'm so glad you pulled it off!!! How incredibly fun Dar! And look at that darling picture of the three of you!! You have such a big heart! :-)


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