Friday, January 8, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

You may recall seeing this photo of my beautiful granddaughter, Morgan before ... it was taken when she & her friend Felicia (who has cerebral palsy) attended Morgan's Homecoming Dance back in the late summer. What a grand time they had!!! Well anyways ... this is what MO looks like when she is in "princess mode"! Below are photos of the OTHER side of MO ... "grease monkey mode"!

Do you remember seeing this photo of MOrgan hugging the four new tires Mark & I bought her for Christmas???

Well, she & her dad didn't waste anytime getting that new rubber mounted and put on her Blazer!! Of course, even though the weather was quite nice at Christmas ... it is winter here in NE Ohio and snow is right around the corner. We need to be prepared!!! Which leads me to the following photos!! (chick on any photo to enlarge)

Morgan's dad (Frank) is an auto mechanic and he & Mo have worked side by side on many car projects. In fact, I do believe they put the new motor in the SUV she is currently driving!! Frank (and Carolyn) want their daughter to be able to "take care of herself" and take the time to teach her (and her brother) everything they can!!

This time around, it is how to MOUNT a tire on the rim (in this case 4 tires) and mount them onto the vehicle. The day after Christmas, Frank & Morgan headed over to the shop where Frank works and "Tire Mounting/Changing 101" began! Of course, being able to do this at a regular auto garage helped tremendously because it was equipped with all the RIGHT tools ... tire mounter, balancer, air wrenches, hoist, etc. Well, you get the picture!

They had their work cut out for them because we were all to meet at my Grandma Great's house to celebrate Christmas at 2:00 that afternoon!! No time to dilly - dally!!

By the way ... have you ever picked up a tire that is on the rim??? Let me tell you ... THEY'RE DANG HEAVY!!! This girl has some muscle!! Of course, I'm sure her dad showed her the proper way to do this ... as to not hurt yourself (or your back)!!

Well, they got them all done, went home to clean up and still made it to Grandma Great's house with time to spare!!! WELL DONE!!!

Oh and something else ... both kids know how to change oil too!! Since they both have their own Jr. Dragster race cars, that was one of the rules! The oil has to be changed before EVERY race and they have been taught how it is done and THEY are responsible for their own cars! If they don't have it done come race time ... they don't race!! GUESS WHAT ... it gets done, LOL!!!

I have to give my daughter & her husband a lot of credit! They do a lot of things (like racing) as a family, and they have a lot of fun!! But they are also teaching their children that there are responsibilities that come along with having that fun. Certainly a lesson that they will benefit from as they go through life!!
I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the "World of MO" ... she's a treasure and we are very proud of her!!! Oh yea ... did I tell you that she's been accepted to Kent State University??? Yep, after graduation this summer, she intends to study Speech Pathology & Audiology! What a kid!!! What can I say ... I'm her Nanna and very proud of it!!! Happy Day All!!


Julie said...

What a beautiful and talented granddaughter you have, Darlene! You SHOULD be proud!!! They have taught her well! Hope you're enjoying your snowy day!

craft_princess said...

What a great post! Sounds like a great family! No wonder you are so proud!!

Bonibleaux Designs said...

As you should be!!! What a mega cutie!!! Auntie Bubbles says "CHICK POWER" to the MAX MO!! LOL

good for her and best of luck!!! MuWah!!

Marcy said...

Such a great post, Darlene! The best thing we can teach our kids is to be independent. Shannon is 7, and she's been learning the ins and outs of home improvement since she could hold a hammer. She can swing a mallet, use a tape measure, and read a level. She even has her own tool belt. Good stuff! Good luck to Morgan at Kent - my two best friends went there!

Alanna said...

What a beautiful granddaughter you have. So fun to see her all dressed up and then in the auto shop changing the tires. I can tell that you're a beaming Nanna.

Dawn B. said...

This is such an awesome post Darlene..WOW you must be so proud of her..She is going to rock this world and then some.>I am so happy she got into Kent State. Time to celebrate..Way to go grandma..The tires are perfect...Made me giggle.

Jan said...

Love the colors you chose for your Valentine :) Very pretty!
The photo's of your Grand daughter are so dad was a mechanic too and it brings back some happy memories of me tagging along with him to the shop!!!

Jan said...

(OHHHH! and a set of tires for Christmas???? Will you be my santa? LOL
You're always so generous and giving!

Micki said...

Atta Girl! :-) That is awesome and I say more power to us girls. :-)

That's awesome and it's amazing how extreme sports do bring a family closer together... in our case - dirtbikes :-)