Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday cards for my Mom ...

Hello Everyone!! Well, it appears we didn't get as much of the "white stuff" as they thought we were going to get ... of course it is still snowing so I shouldn't speak too soon!! Only a few inches so far ... I can live with that!!

My mother called yesterday afternoon and asked if I could make up a few birthday cards that she would have to send to my niece & her children. Of course with 2 of those birthdays coming next week, I thought I'd better not dilly dally and get wrong on the request. So, here is what I have come up with. My niece turns 40 this year and her three children are all teenagers this year, with her youngest one turning 13. I hope they enjoy their homemade cards .. I tried to make them with their personalities in mind. 

The first card is for my niece ... she is a beautiful young Mom and I think she'll really like this image which comes from Art Creations Friday.  The layout is one that I saw in the Sept. 2009 Card Maker magazine.  I really like the outcome.
This 2nd card is for Taylor who will be turning 17 this year.  It's so difficult to image how quickly these children have grown up ... it only seems like yesterday that my niece & daughter were young teens themselves!!!
The 3rd card is for Hunter ... I can't remember, she will be either 15 or 16 ... not sure which ... heck, I'm lucky to keep up with MY grandkids ages let alone my sister's grandkids, LOL!!  I bought this image a while back figuring I'd use it for my granddaughter, Morgan ... you know how much teens enjoy their phones these days!!  I used a "mirror image" stamp in order to reverse the image.  I think it looks pretty cool!! (is that term still used???)
The last card is for Cody.  He will be 13 this year!  All the "boy/guy" images I have reference things like hunting & the outdoors ... neither of which remind me of Cody.  But I figured ALL boys like frogs & critters ... no matter what age, so I went with this cute little guy!  The fact that he is so dang cute makes the card work for a birthday in my mind ... no matter how old the recipient is!!
Well, I guess I'd best get something done around here ... even if it is more stamping!!  LOL!!   Have a great day everyone ... those getting snow, stay warm & safe ... those in the sunshine, please send some my way!  Thanks for stopping by!!


Crystal said...

WOWZA Darlene these are AWESOME!! You have been sooo busy!!! Beautiful work sweetie, stay warm!

chercroppin said...

Goodness sure know how to get these done quickly girl! I LOVE all of them! My fave: the butterfly....and that frog is just too darn are so sweet to do them for your Mom : )

Kim said...

Hey, girlfriend, these are all fantastic! I love them all, especially the froggie one! Your mother will love them and so will the special people who receive them.
Your siggy looks fab!!!! Told you it was easy!
Kim xXx

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Darlene, you are on a role here my friend! So many cards in such a short time. I adore the first one with that gorgeous vintage print. The second one with the butterfly kisses is stunning....beautiful layout, the third one is just perfect for a teenager and the last one with the cute frog....I love frogs...his expression is super cute...he's just waiting patiently for those dragonflies!!! LOL
Fabulous creations! It's always such a joy to come visit!

Teri said...

Fabulous cards hun - they're gonna love 'em to bits!!
I especially like the first one with the lady on it - gorgeous!
Teri x