Monday, September 12, 2011

Morning Glories Galore!

Remember back in early summer when I shared my Morning Glory Take Over with you HERE on this posting?  Well, I just had to share with you ... just how OUT OF CONTROL they have become!  LOL

Even though they are beautiful in the mornings and on the cool days, stay in full flower all day ... they are TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL and I think I'll need to be AGGRESSIVE  in my 'fall cleanup' this year.  They are even growing out into the yard and starting around the edge of the driveway! 

Believe it or not, there are actually OTHER FLOWERS under all these morning glories.  At the front of the garage is a beautiful PEACH COLORED ROSE BUSH (2nd photo) and at the back corner (4th & 5th photo) there are beautiful spikey PURPLE LIATRIS.  Although anything living (including the THISTLE weeds) was used as a climbing devise for these CRAZY MORNING GLORIES!!

{Sigh} ... although I love that 'Wild Natural Look' ... this is a bit much and before long will have to GO!  Wish me luck ... I think I have a lot of work ahead of me this fall season!  LOL!!

Hubby starts his 2nd week of vacation (of 3) today and I'm not sure what he has in store for me!  Last week we were able to get a lot of things crossed off the TO DO LIST but of course the list is still long and we may be able to knock a few more things off of it this week.  I know we have to get down to my mom's and RE-cover our boat and it looks like the weather will be best on Wednesday for that job.  What ever it is ... I'm just so glad he's feeling good enough again to take on some of these projects!

Have a wonderful day & week ... thanks so much for stopping by!
HUGS to you!


Joan Fricker said...

It sure doesn't take those morning glories long to take over does it?
We had to tackle our sun flowers last weekend as they had self seeded all around the bird feeders and were as tall as me. We were tempted to leave them for the birds this winter, but they just looked so unsightly.
If you let the frost get the MG, they will clean up easier. LOL

Evette K. said...

Thanks so much for the great pictures of your "wild" morning glories...see I would love to have that many!!! Yes I know I am nuts. So glad hubby is feeling much better. You both have gone through so much. God bless the rest of hubbys vacation...and do something FUN too!!!!!! ekc