Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy ...

Hello my blogging friends!  I had fully intended to share with you another crafting project today but since hubby & I are hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow we had a few things to get done first!  

After a leisurely breakfast and dropping off a pint of homemade cranberry relish to a friend who is a waitress at the local Friendly's Restaurant, it was time to get started (note the time on the clock ... nearly 10am)

Yes ... I'm fortunate enough to have a husband who loves to cook and pitch in on holiday cooking/baking!  He wanted to make turkey shaped sugar cookies so I let him get started first before I dove into making the pies.  They came out really cute and taste good too!

Okay ... now it's my turn!
I wanted to make 2 pumpkin & 1 cherry pie for our Thanksgiving Dinner dessert.
Boy, I don't know who makes the bigger mess!  
ME or HIM?????  LOL!!!
Now keep in mind ... there will only be nine of us at the dinner table ... and already we have sugar cookies & pies for dessert.  Then my daughter mentioned these yummy cherry/pistachio scones my husband made last year so of course, we aim to please and after finally locating the recipe, Mark was ready & willing to get those started.  Now on these scones, it's a team effort . . . he whips it all together in the food processor and I do the kneading/cutting & baking.  They are SO GOOD!!!
I have added the recipe for these scones on my RECIPES & HOME CANNING page if you'd like to give them a try!  Okay ... so baking is done!  Now on to cleaning up & getting the diningroom ready!

 I thought I'd better put a few other decorations around (other than just in one room, LOL) so got the mantle decorated in the living room too!  Now you do realize we are hosting a Christmas Party here on Dec. 16th so this time next week, I'll be putting Fall/Thanksgiving away and getting started on all my Christmas decorating!  YIKES ... when am I ever going to find to craft??  
NOT TO WORRY ... I do have priorities you know!!  LOL!

WELL ... that's it for me today!  It's nearly 8:00 P.M. and I'm ready to put my feet up and enjoy a little TV with hubby!  In the morning Mark will take care of the turkey & stuffing and I will gather together the other dishes needed to complete our feast!!  
SO LOOKING FORWARD to spending the day with my family!
I hope you are able to enjoy your family tomorrow too!



Melissa Bove (SCS ~ Melissa1872) said...

Everything looks so yummy Darlene! A hubby that bakes? He is a keeper for sure! :-)

I hope you and your family have the best Thanksgiving ever! Thank you for being so sweet!

Happy Turkey Day my sweet friend!


Selma said...

Wow Darlene - it all looks delicious. Those pies look perfect. Your decorations are all so pretty. Have a wonderful day with your family.

ursula Uphof said...

Thanks for sharing all your lovely goodies with us. Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving, hugs, Ursula

Joan Fricker said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mark! It looks and sounds like your dinner will be great. One of my blessings is my friendship with you! Thanks for being a great friend!

Nan G said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend! The turkey cookies look yummy! Your house looks very festive! Hugs Nan G

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wow- the pies and scones and cookies- look very yummy! How awesome to have a hubby that cooks. Hope you had a wonderful day : )

Diane said...

A cooking and baking man...oh WOW...are you lucky or what (and he brings flowers, too) fun to see these posts....see you in April I will be here before we know it..where oh where does the time go???