Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just A Note ... to say Thanks!

Hello my friends!
Just a quick post to share with you a little of what I've been doing the past couple of days.

From last week's craftshow I was asked to create 25 kids kard kits for a lady who thought the children in her class would LOVE making these for their families.  So I got busy and found all the supplies needed and happy to say they are ready for Mr. Mailman.

Here is the finished card . . .

I also completed 100 Christmas Cards for my cousin but will hold off sharing them with you since some of my family (who will be receiving this card) also follow my blog... don't want to spoil the surprise!  However I can tell you the front of the card is a BEAUTIFUL photograph my cousin took outside her home last winter right after a driving snowstorm!  On of those storms where the snow actually blows sideways ... the sky & snow in this photograph are GORGEOUS!

One other thing I completed today ... that I CAN share with you ... are Thank You gifts for my daughter to give two of her neighbors.  My daughter had surgery in October which was supposed to be 'not that big of a deal' ... but as luck would have it, things made a turn for the worst and the surgery turned out to be MAJOR vs MINOR!  Well, long story short ... my daughter is NOT one to 'sit around' and ended up doing MORE THAN SHE SHOULD and to keep her off her feet so her body could heal, her doctor put her on strict bed rest.  Luckily two of her neighbor ladies were kind enough to lend her a hand with meals and served the family feasts fit for a King ... or in this case, Queen!
She had commented she wanted to do something to express her deep appreciation for their kindness and I offered to whip up a few paper crafts along side anything else she might have in mind.  I suggested a Tissue Box Cover and a box set of Note Cards for each of the ladies.

 One of the ladies (Becky) likes bright, happy colors ... like rainbows!  
I found this paper at Flower Factory and thought it would be perfect!  A little fancy cutting and a computer generated sentiment and this set is ready to hopefully make her smile!

The other lady (Linda) is very much a 'country girl'.  
She has a small farm and loves country living. 
I also found these designer papers at Flower Factory.  A touch of SU ribbon and another computer generated sentiment and Viola!

It warms my heart to know my daughter & her family have people in their neighborhood who care and are willing to lend a helping hand! 

Speaking of saying thanks ... I can't thank YOU enough for showing me support in your following and comments.  It truly means the world to me ... so, THANKS!
P.S.   Prayers go out to those living on the East Coast who not only are trying to get back to normal after last week's Hurricane Sandy, but have now been hit with a Nor'Easter!  Hang in there ... brighter days are ahead!


Diane said...

Wow Dar, these are gorgeous!!! What beautiful gifts, they are going to love them!! You have been busy...send me some of your energy....I need it!! Glad your daughter recovered and has great neighbors!!!

Rita said...

My goodness Darlene, you have been very busy. I love the children's cards and it such a great idea too. I' sure your daughter's neighbours will love their Thank-you treats as well. Hugs Rita xx

Wendy L said...

You are one clever lady, well done, xxx

Nan G said...

Oh Dar these are fabulous! The kids will love making a snowman card. And the gift boxes and cards are so pretty. Nice job my friend! Hugs from FL. Nan

jrmom said...

The kids cards are awesome! I can't wait to see the ladies faces when they receive their cards and tissue box covers. They're PERFECT!!! Thank you soooo much.

campbelljudy1228 said...

The cards kits are so cute. Who's snowman image is that being used?

Gladys R. said...

Nice card kits that I'm sure the kids will enjoy completing.
I like the other gifts, especially the country one. Do you
ever sleep? I'm amazed at all you got done in just a couple days.