Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Did someone say SNOW??

Hello again ...

Sorry for the 2nd posting but I just had to share
my 'snow' photos with you!
What a BEAUTIFUL snowfall this was!
And, even though I didn't use my 'good' camera ... just used my phone,
I love a new fallen snow ...

 I grabbed these two photos last evening when I went out to get the mail.  It was snowing so hard!  See those streaks ... and that large white streak on the image to your right ... that was the snow 'falling' in front of my phone camera.  It was SO PRETTY!!

Here's a few photos I grabbed this morning before going out to breakfast.  The first three are out the back sliding glass door and the last two are out the front door.  We probably only got 3 or 4" ... not bad for what they were predicting!

We were lucky ... this was a photo my daughter took yesterday AFTERNOON and they got a lot more during the evening and over night.  I'll have to check and see just how many inches they ended up with.  She lives an hours drive further EAST (Columbiana Co.) ... right in the heart of it all.

Well, I'd better get in the kitchen! 
I know ... I keep saying that and then I keep crafting/blogging ... YIKES!
I'm going to be in soooooooo much trouble if I don't get those pies made!


Be Safe!


Glenda Brooks said...

Such beautiful pictures. We only had about 1 inch of snow and now it's bitter cold. Tomorrow is supposed to be much warmer but tonight we are expecting teens! Stay warm my friend!

Patricia St Martin said...

Darlene, Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Hugs, Pat

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Darlene! Isn't the snow beautiful!? Our son (lives in Georgia) always says he misses the snow so now he's getting a chance to enjoy it again.

Holly Young said...

oh your snowfall is glorious! Lucky you!