Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here Comes Old Man Winter !!!

Good Afternoon My Friends!

WOW what a busy day I had yesterday and it started out with our 1st snowfall of the year!

I took this picture out my sliding glass door at around 7:15 a.m.
I had an hours drive ahead of me (hair & pedicure appt. at my sister's shop) and figured I'd better get on the road a little early.  The first snow fall always catches people off guard and it's almost like they forget how to drive in the snow from one year to the next.

Did you notice my 'little' maple tree.  This is the same tree I shared with you last week when it's leaves start to turn color.  Now it's not only nearly in full color ... but covered with snow!

Don't get me wrong ... it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL but just wasn't expecting it quite yet!  LOL!  
Awww Mother Nature!  
You just never know what she has in store for you in this area!  With that being said, would you believe they are predicting 70 degrees this weekend! 
Welcome to N.E. Ohio, USA!!

During my travels yesterday I also had an appointment to link up with a lady who likes going through my cards and stocking up!  THRILLED to say I have another $100+ to spend on the Christmas Teddy Bear Drive.

 On the way back home I quickly snapped this photo as the sun was setting.  
I missed a GORGEOUS shot right before I snapped this one,
but I was driving ... you know what I'm saying ... PRIORITIES!!!

No cards to share with you on this post and I really need to get busy creating!  With the past craft shows and requests ... my supply is really getting low!

And today I was working on a project that I will share with you later in the week.  
It's for my High School Girlfriends when we get together this weekend.
And since I'm not sure if any of them follow my blog, I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Take care ... thanks for stopping ... stay warm and as always ...


Nan G said...

What a beautiful Currier & Ive pic, Dar!

Patricia St Martin said...

Burrrrrrrr!!! Stunning pictures! The beauity of nature. Love your pictures. TFS
Hugs, Pat

Sherrie K. said...

Wow, awesome pic's!! We just had a dusting too...but really not ready for winter :( Wish we had some 70 degree wknd..they are saying on highs in the 30's..bummer! Send me some warm weather, ha?!
Have a great eveing and TFS! Great pis!

Sherrie K

jrmom said...

That was a very busy day for you Mom...but it sounds like it was enjoyable...beautiful scenery and many friendly visits. Even visited a new coffee house :-) Thank you for lunch and two wonderful visits. And I agree with the ladies...beautiful pictures.

Christina Griffiths said...

What lovely photos and the trees look stunning. I am in the UK and although cold we have no snow ... but who knows by Christmas xx

CaroleAnn said...

Loved reading your post - felt like we were sitting and having a cup of java! Loved your photos - you take gorgeous pixs! Oh, I dread the snow as I do have to drive in it to get to work. But I would have no trouble staying home and nixing the hair and nails! LOL Hugs from a timid driver in upstate New York:) CaroleAnn