Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just in case . . .

you have been wondering what I'm up to lately . . .
here's a clue . . .

Yep ... making more Hershey Nugget Boxes for yet another upcoming craft show (30th).
Hubby was kind enough to separate out the nuggets for me
this morning so I at least wanted to get the boxes
cut & put together today and hopefully filled!

Happy to say I not only got them made ... but filled, decorated and packaged!
Sticking up in the back (blue w/white ribbons) are also
a few Hershey Bar Pouches I got completed.
I have about 12 more I want to make ... hopefully tomorrow ...
as I have a girlfriend function to go to on Saturday
and would really like to take my 'chocolate goodies' along.

 Here's yet another project I'm working on
and I will have a post (with completed projects) to 
share with you hopefully this weekend.
I purchased this Sizzix ScoreBoard 3d Teacup die from Joan's Gardens
a few years back and never think to use it ...
that is until my friend Diane (Nellie's Nest) was telling me about
how she was making them for some friends & family 
this holiday season and THEN ... a BELL went off 
in MY head and so I blew the dust off of it
and started cutting some to be filled with holiday candies and
given as gifts.  THANKS DIANE!!!

So there you have it!
Now I must get a few more candy bar pouches cut out and head
upstairs to watch Big Bang Theory with hubby!

OH ... and cross your fingers (and even say a little prayer).
I'm going tomorrow morning (3rd time in 3 months) to try to have blood drawn.
I swear ... when I go there my veins STAY HOME!!
And oh yea ... I've done nothing but drink & run to the bathroom all day ... LOL!
I know ... more information than you wanted!  LOL!

Thanks for stopping by ... hope you have some crafting time this week too!
As always . . .


Createology said...

Your teacup gifts are lovely. My husband has to have blood drawn from the vein by his thumb as he has no visible veins in his arms. Hope you are doing well. Creative Blessings...

Patricia St Martin said...

Darlene, Love your basket and all the goodies. O my I hope thing go well for you on the blood drew. Also no fun felling sick or not being able to go far from home. Feeling better soon and sending prayers and blessing.
Hugs, Pat

Ellis said...

Looks like you are having fun getting everything together! =)
I love the teacups, such a great thing to give away! =)
Good luck with drawing blood!
Hugs, Elenor

Diane said...

You have created some more of those GORGEOUS nugget boxes...I can't imagine making so many, but you knocked it out of the park, that's for sure!! Love those tea cups for the girl friends, and thank you for giving my blog a mention!!! I know the outcome of the blood draw...OUCH!! But at least it is over for another year....have fun with the to you later!!!

Sherrie K. said...

Wow, what awesome projects! Love the nugget boxes and the tea cups are darling! FABULOUS job!
Sherrie K