Thursday, July 24, 2014

Looking out my front door ...

I'm happy to report that the A/C guy is here installing a brand new central air system!  After 15 years ours decided to call it quits! Sure could have used it the other day when it was 90 outside and about 100 in here!  LOL!   Actually he commented to me how much warmer it is in my 'cave' today than it is outside but that's only because it got down in the 50s last night and only going to be in the 70s today!  I'll sure be happy to have A/C again when the temperatures climb up in August & September!

While out watering my front porch flowers early this morning I decided to snap a few photos with my phone to share with you since I (believe it or not) don't have a card creation ready to share!

 How about this fabulous sunflower that our birds (or squirrels) planted for us!
I actually had to rescue it a few times in it's infancy!
Once when the landscapers were here cleaning my flower beds and remulching.  It was only about 6-8" high at that point and didn't want them thinking it was a weed!

Then hubby came home one day a few weeks ago and made the comment "WOW did you see how big that weed is at the side of the driveway?"  "Do you want me to go pull it out?"

NO!  I said ... it's a sunflower ... give it a chance!
Thank goodness he ask before 'helping'!

The petals JUST all popped open yesterday and already Mr. Bee has come to investigate!
Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!  I love Mother Nature!

While walking back to the front door I noticed how pretty the coneflowers were with the morning dew and decided to snap a few photos of them too.   Have I told you how much I enjoy watching Mother Nature at work??   I've actually set this photo as my desktop image!
Always impressed with the qualify of photos taken on my phone ... wow!

 Well I think it's time to get off the computer and start making some cards!
Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!


Lana said...

Wow Darlene your photos are great!!! All your flowers look fabulous you should make some cards using these images!!!!HINT HINT!!
Enjoy this beautiful day!!!

Dawn Lancaster said...

Amazing photos Darlene! I love when birds or squirrels leave little presents! We once had a peanut plant in a planter which a squirrel had planted! lol
Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog & leave a sweet comment!
Dawn xx


Gorgeous photographs!
Love Jen L