Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Just a quick post to share some exciting news!
Even though I stepped down from the design team at Squigglefly the end of this year, I'm so thankful to them for all their kindness and for giving me the opportunity to be 'Published' not just once but TWICE in 2014.

I ordered and finally received a copy of my latest magazine publication in the mail yesterday.  It's a UK publication so it takes awhile to get here ... how awesome is this!!!

I was thrilled to see MY card right there on Pg. 3 showing what section the Squigglefly Team article appeared . . .

Here's a peek at the layout spread and a close up of my 'input'.

I know this is probably not a big deal to a lot of people but to me I'm just as giddy as a school girl to see my photo & work in  print!


Thanks for sharing in my excitement!
OH and before I leave you until NEXT YEAR (lol) I have one more thing to share.
My favorite Santa (hubby) bought me some FABULOUS gifts for Christmas this year and here is one of my FAVORITES ...

YEP ... fur lined Flip Flops (to keep my toes warm while I'm in my crafting cave).
Anyone who knows me knows my motto:  No Snow ... No Shoes!
I wear flip flops most of the year and that's not easy to do in a state like Ohio!  
These are by L.L. Bean and they are FANTASTIC!

Ok now I need to get some crafting done ... I've fallen so far behind with the holidays but that's okay ... I have all year to play and family time is so precious, especially at the holidays!
HUGS and HAPPINESS to you all!
See you in the New Year!


  1. Congrats on being published may surely be proud!
    I love your fur lines Flip Flops!
    Have a happy, healthy and creative 2015!
    xxx Margreet

  2. Thanks from all of us at Squigglefly for all you did to help us over the years. We will miss you! Love your pretty red toes!

  3. Congratulations, Darlene. Pretty toes.

  4. Famous~Famous ( and I have your to you.....what an honor and FUN!! Loving those great furry flip's nice when hubby knows you so well to think of something like beans!!!! Mine bought me boot like slippers as he knew I bought a pair for my daughter for her birthday in October and he REMEMBERED (which is a feat ( in itself that I wanted some for me....sometimes they can bbe so good!!!

  5. That was wonderful about being published. Also love the flip flops I use to live in Columbus so yea wearing flip flops year round is a feat to be happy about. :-)

  6. Congratulations on being published...believe me, it is quite a big deal to me! How talented you are is shining through girl! Love the flip flops!

  7. CONGRATS Darlene!!!! You work very hard and deserve this!!!!! Happy New Year it sure is starting off great for you!!!! BIG HUGS !!!
    PS love the red toes and good job Mark!!!

  8. Wow how fabulous to be published!....twice! Love the flip flops, Dar! Only you would wear fur lined ones in the winter. :) :) Happy New Year may it be an amazingly creative year for you! Hugs your FL friend.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOoT WooT!! While I am not surprised since you are fabulous at what you do....I am super excited and thrilled for such a wonderful honor. Happy New Year my dear friend!

  10. Dar!!! That is fantastic!!!! Doing my happy dance for you!

  11. I'm so proud of you. And, excited the rest of the world is celebrating your creative talents. Santa did soooo good this year. Lots of thinking with great outcomes. Happy New Year!

  12. Fantastic dear friend! I have friends in high places. This is indeed a great way to end and start the year.

  13. Congratulations on having your card published. I love this magazine. Great start for the new year. Love the new flip flops. Perfect for this winter weather.


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