Sunday, May 3, 2015

Need for speed ...

Happy Sunday Friends!
 Just had to share this with you!
My kids are into drag racing and this weekend began a new season at the track.
We've had beautiful weather so the kids were fired up and ready for the day yesterday!
My son in law races a 1967 Chevy Camero and it goes FAST!!
Granddaughter Morgan (23) has always had the dream of taking her dad's car down the 1/4 mile track and doing a good job!  Well, yesterday she did just that!!!   
She ran a 9.56 in the 1/4 mile ... for those of you who don't know what that means,
it means she went a quarter mile in 9.56 SECONDS!!  That is FAST!!!!
And she followed it up with a 9.45 run!  WOWZA ... way to go Mo!!

Today they are at the bike track with my grandson Jonathan (17) for a day of racing!

Like I said ... my kids have the 'need for speed' and do it well!
Best part is ... they do it as a FAMILY!!

"The family that plays together stay together!!!"

Thanks for letting me brag a bit about my little family!
Happy Day All!

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Diane said...

Wow...lots of speed in that like they have a load of fun times together!!