Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Addition to the Cave!

Happy Weekend Everyone!
While I've been busy creating some tea bag holder cards for the local tea shop (Marge's Place at Portage Lakes LLC) and working on design team projects, hubby's been busy finishing up a project he started for me a short while back.
Anyone who knows me, knows my crafting area is in our unfinished basement and I'm okay with that!!!  I have tons of room and believe me, I'm filling it up fast!  LOL!
The new addition to my cave is not fancy mind you ... but it is going to work out GREAT for me!

The make shift table I was using for my light box was too short and I kept knocking the lights off and breaking the bulbs.  SO frustrating!  After discussing 'my problem' with hubby ... this was his solution!

We had taken apart an old entertainment center a few years ago and had the pieces out in the garage  ... JUST IN CASE we might need it again (NOT!!!).  So he decided to REPURPOSE the boards and here's what he came up with.  PRETTY COOL I THINK!!!

As you can see, he put two slide out drawers (with side and back stoppers to keep things from falling off) on one side and a rod and racks for storing my extra light box clothes, etc. on the other side.

 It needs a little touching up here and there to give it a more 'finished look' but I just had to put a few things in place and share a couple pics with you all!!

Here's a few other photos of my 'cave'  I've taken along the way ...

Hubby built this 8 ft. fold down table for me last year for my birthday so I could set up my cards, etc. that I take to the craft shows.  This way, I can see how much room I will have for my display.
Plus with the pegboard in the back it has given me extra hanging space to share some of my projects and projects I've received from crafting friends.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
As always . . .


Teresa Kline said...

wow, you have room for friends...*grin*...nice set up! I am having one last giveaway this week on my blog to celebrate my birthday, stop by and comment for your chance at winning!

sparkle & shine *~*

Miranda Slagboom-de Groot said...

Oh this just looks great. Love your cave lol.
Hugs Miranda

Joann Williams said...

This is really cool! handy hubby you have there! May I ask you something? How would I go about creating my own light box from scratch? Maybe you can help me by steering me in the right direction? I can never get good photos of my cards. I really want a better solution. Thanks!

Diane said...

Look how clean your cave hope to come and play in it someday!!! My light box is HUGE, so I don't have one place to put it.....and I hadn't a clue how to set it I!

jrmom said...

Soooo cool...a little photography studio. Pap does good work.