Monday, September 14, 2015

Fun Crafting Weekend!

Good Monday Evening!
As most of you know, I left last Thursday morning headed to South Bend, Indiana to link up with crafting friends for a weekend of sharing projects, techniques, food & laughter!  And let me tell you we did a lot of ALL of those things!
I love getting together with these ladies!!!  
Unfortunately this time around we were missing two of our friends!  Diane Hover had plans with friends up in the U.P. and poor Gretchen Wilson was busy, busy working on doing some bathroom remodeling ... I'm sure she'd have rather been crafting!  LOL!

Thought you might like to see a few things we were working on!
I didn't have a 'finished project' to share this time but did want to show the ladies a few techniques.
The BOKEH technique (this panel will be turned into a card at some point)

The WHITE WASH technique.  Trying different papers & ink colors.

And the STAMP OVER STENCIL technique.  
This panel will also be turned into a card before long!

Joan Fricker shared a really awesome technique where you used PAPER NAPKINS,  STICKY POWDER and WOW Embossing GLITTER.  Isn't this a beautiful panel?  Check out Joan's finished card on her blog post HERE.  
You can click any of the images to enlarge.

And here's a FINISHED CARD that Joan showed us how to make.  You can see her original card on her blog post (shared link above).  I 'tweaked' mine a little from her original.  

How about this adorable card 'tote' that Bette Henson shared.  
I'll be making a few of these for upcoming craft fairs I'm sure!

Bette also shared this fabulous gift card holding card which we made template samples from and will create when we have more time in our own crafting areas.  What a beautiful card!  YEP ... another one I need to get made before my shows ... YIKES that's only a couple of weeks away!

Last but not least is Judy Studer ... Judy ALWAYS has some amazing projects to share!
This is Judy's card (GORGEOUS) and we have made a template sample to create this card on our own.

Another cute 'box pouch'!
I don't know how she figures all this stuff out!  LOL

Being with this group of ladies is always inspiring and helps to really get my mojo fired up!
I'm happy to say that in just a few weeks I'll be making the 5 hour drive again and headed to Michigan to spend some fun, crafting time with Diane Hover (one of the missing cogs in our crafting wheel ...  from this weekends gathering).  

Sorry for the long post but just had to share these fabulous ideas with you
in hopes of jump starting your creativity today!

Hubby's hollering for dinner so I'd best get movin'!  LOL
As always . . .


Robin said...

WOW!! These are so amazing...I love that white wash technique and you have totally perfected it. Hugs, Robin

Leslie Miller said...

Now that sounds like FUN! And what great projects and inspiration. I keep trying to get ahead so I can do some different crafty things. I really need to allow myself more crafty days.

Diane said...

Boohoo, I missed so much of all these fabulous projects...but I can do them, yes, when you come...we will have a busy, busy and fun few days..yes? All are beautiful, I missed all the laughter, fun and food...but I have to admit I ate my way through the weekend as well....I think I put 10 pounds on with our friends...only kidding, but it seems we ate nonstop!! Anywho looking forward to our get together in 2 weeks and counting!! We have places to go, things to create and memories to make!!