Friday, October 7, 2016

What are you working on today?

Hello friends ...
It's nearly dinner hour here in Ohio but I thought I'd quickly share with you what I've been up to today!  I have two upcoming craft shows at local high schools ... Nov 5th and 19th so needless to say, besides keeping up with my blogs & DTs, I need to get busy having enough product ready for those two shows.

The one show I've done for going on 10 years now and so needless to say, I have repeat customers.  I always have my cards but I try to have something NEW along with some of the little goodies that they always look for from one year to the next like my tissue box covers, gift card holders and various chocolate goodies.  This year I decided to make Slider Boxes filled with Hershey Nuggets.  I've only made a couple of these in the past so thought it might be a good idea.  

Here's one I made over a year ago for a birthday celebration  ...

Of course, since the shows are in November, I'm gearing up for Christmas holidays with my designs.

So far I have 14 boxes made and filled with individually wrapped nuggets that coordinate with the cover paper design.

They will all need decorated and packaged but that can be done a little later ... this was the time consuming part!

Of course, once I had the boxes cut, scored and put together, the wrapping was done in assembly line fashion at my sit down work station.  Yes I have a sit down station and a stand up station ... depending on what I'm working on.  As you can see this is my location for coloring ... note my spectrum noir alcohol markers in the background!  LOL   Each box holds 10 nuggets ... that means I wrapped 140 nuggets today ... no wonder my hands are tired!

It's a start!  

Something else I'm working on is an order I received from a lady in N.C. that I met on our Alaskan Cruise.  She saw my 'tea cups' and said they would be perfect for a Ladies Tea she is hosting in November.  She will need 25 and after some chit chat we decided that I would send one completed tea cup (as seen above) and the rest I would make up kits for her and she can assemble them herself.

Tea cups are made using an old (recently brought back on the market) 3d die from Sizzix.  Here's the link if you'd like to purchase one.

Here's the first 8 ... again, it's a start!!!  LOL

Well hubby was going to make dinner tonight but he's gotten involved in fixing my edger so I can edge the driveway so guess I'll cut him some slack and go whip up something for us!  LOL

Have a great evening and nice weekend ahead!
As always . . .


  1. what a great idea! I love the choccie sliders you make! You always have the best ideas!
    South Africa

  2. Fun idea!! Such wonderful projects!!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Crafting with Creative M

  3. Seriously I have no idea how you do all you head would explode! All of your creations are fantastic and again, I hope you need a Brinks truck to follow you home! Good Luck! Oh and I would have eaten half of those nuggets, thus saving my hands, but not my waistline LOL

  4. Love your projects Darlene especially the tea cups, I looked in your tutorial section but couldn't find it, can you tell me if there is a tutorial where it would be. Greetings from Australia
    Rene from OZ x

    1. Thanks Rene! The tea cups is actually a Sizzix die that I bought years ago ... they discounted the die but have recently brought it back!! Here is the link:

  5. Ditto what Donna said except just reading what you do make my head explode. I love the box of chocolate idea and your tea cups. You are amazing.

  6. Great projects - no grass growing under your feet!! Take Care My Friend : )

  7. I LOVE those nugget boxes -- both the birthday design and the ones for Christmas! They make the cutest little "something extra" at gift giving time. These would be perfect for Secret Santa gifts or stocking stuffers (if you had a big stocking), or just for anything, really. My fingers would be aching, for sure! Good idea to send the tea cup packages unassembled. One for a sample and the others for do it yourself. Makes shipping so much easier. Good thing you've got a big craft room! I spent yesterday doing fall gardening and looks like it might be the same today, maybe not as much needing done, though. Cooked applesauce in the crock pot, too. I guess everything BUT stamping. Good luck with your craft shows. I have a feeling they'll be a great success!

  8. The nugget boxes have turned out gorgeous!! Those tea cups are fabulous, too...I would of eaten most of the chocolate though..can't help!!

  9. Good luck getting everything finished you want to get done. I bet your repeat customers look forward to seeing what new goodies you have made. The presentation of these chocolates are just lovely and how great you even got an order on your cruise!


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