Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shew! Made it through the storm . . .

Well, here I am again about to go watch another 'old time' movie and do a bit of crafting too!  But before I leave my computer I wanted to share a few photos with you that I took this morning AFTER the snow had finished blowing & falling.

We luckily didn't get as much as they were predicting but we still got somewhere in the 4-6" range and that's enough for me!  As far as clearing the driveway . . . I figured I'd wait until this morning after the snow was done and I could actually SEE what I was doing and especially since we didn't need to drive anywhere.  But, before I could get my new fancy hat on ... my wonderful neighbor, Phil had it all done for me!  We have a wonderful neighborhood with folks who are always willing to help each other ... what a blessing!

I had earlier shared a photo of our holiday decorations on the front of the house and commented then how much better it would look after a snow fall ... I will go out later when the lights are on and take another photo.  It just doesn't look like a Christmas photo to me without the snow!

 Luckily Mark & I had gone out yesterday morning before the snow began to fall and filled all the feeders.  We have three feeders for the birds and two for the squirrels.   

It didn't take the birds & squirrels long this morning to find that the feeders were full and get their bellies full.  I also put corn/peanuts on the tree stumps and a few locations on the ground.  There were 6 squirrels scurrying about this morning along with Blue Jays, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Wrens, Tit Mouse and House Finch flying from feeder to feeder.  I'm sure there were a few other species of birds out there but that's just the ones I saw fluttering about when I tried to snap a few photos through a crack in the sliding glass door (brrr .. certainly too cold to open the door very far!)

We have great fun watching the squirrels in our picnic area.  
Grandson, Jonathan just bought us a new Peanut Squirrel Feeder (far left tree) and Mark hurried to put it up yesterday as it began to snow.  It appears they haven't yet discovered it but I'm sure it won't take long.
They did however discover all the 'routine' locations for feed and wasted no time scarfing it up!

Here's a little closer look at one of the squirrels.  I swear, they know when I have a camera in my hand and make a bee-line for the tree tops.  However, this one was so busy eating I guess he didn't mind having his picture taken.

Okay ... I'm off to curl up on the couch for a few hours and watch a movie.  It's getting rather cold down here in my crafting cave so I think I'll put the little heater on and wait for it to warm up a bit before moving on to the 'crafting phase' of my day!

As always . . .


  1. Lovely photos - probably not so lovely snow though! Keep cosy, Jx

  2. Lovely pics, your house looks gorgeous and just like a Christmas card. I,m glad you feed the birds too. xxxx

  3. Wow Darlene you just designed the main image for your Christmas cards next year! How beautiful your house looks with all the pristene snow cover!!Love all the critters too! Stay warm my friend and happy crafting!Hugs

  4. Lovely, just lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  5. What beautiful photos. Postcard material. Thanks for sharing. Keep warm, hugs, Ursula

  6. So those wreaths in the have a gorgeous home!!! And look at all those happy little son got me a new feeder for my birthday in Oct..and have yet to put it have "shamed" me into!!

  7. Keep the pictures coming Darlene...they are an inspiration. The snow indeed makes your home and grounds picture perfect!!! You have a beautiful home. Would love to see pic's of your craftroom if you would like to share that with us or already have and will repeat it. Thanks. ekc


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