Thursday, April 16, 2009

The BIG DAY ...

Yes, today was Transplant Day!

In fact, the transplant was done this morning around 10 a.m. and he has handled things beautifully so far! Praise the Lord!! A Stem Cell Transplant very much resembles a blood transfusion ... except they are infusing Mark's own stem cells back into his system. Throughout the next 7 days his numbers (White Blood Cells, Platlets, Hemoglobin) will drop and should bottom out by day 7 while his body adjusts/accepts the new cells. Then his numbers should start to rise as his body builds a new immune system and begins to get back to normal.

I knew they had collected 8.8 million stem cells from Mark the week before he was admitted and I was curious how many of those 8.8 he received back today. Nurse Kathy (who has been extremely helpful and attentive) checked into it and found they he received 6.4 million of his own stem cells today. AMAZING!!! Especially when you consider it only took 40 minutes for the transplant to take place!! Again ... AMAZING!!

Mark will remain here in Cleveland Clinic for at least another 2 weeks while his system adjusts and builds. I would ask that he remain in your prayers through this stengthening period as I'm sure there are still going to be some rough roads ahead before we reach that light at the end of the tunnel!! Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. It means so much to me to be able to reach out to you all for comfort!
Besides having this wonderful laptop & internet access to stay in touch with all of you, I have been passing the hours by making packs of cards for the staff here at the M50 (Bone Marrow Transplant Section) of Cleveland Clinic. I have made at least 80 cards so far and have seen a few new faces so I'm not done yet!! They are simple packs of 6 that I can cut the papers & cards for at home in the evening then assemble & stamp while sitting here during the day. Here are a couple examples that I make a quick photo of before giving them away. I even have Mark keeping a few sets in his drawer for those girls who are helping him out on night shift that I don't get to see during the day. I cerainly don't want to leave anyone out ... they are all SO WONDERFUL!!!
Thanks again my friends ... God Bless You All!! Have a great day & if you live in my neck of the woods ... enjoy this beautiful sunny day that we are having!!!


  1. Darlene... I have been thinking of you and hoping that all was going well. I am out of town visiting my girls at U of Illinois. Hope to catch up with you when I get back. I am so glad it is all going so well. Hugs and lots of prayers...

  2. So glad to hear Mark is doing so well on day one. We'll keep you both in our prayers! The cards are very cute, I'm sure they'll love them!

  3. Darlene,
    I gave your names to my "old friends" where I use to live the other day when we met up for lunch so now you have even more prayer warriors helping you out! Hang in there!!!!

  4. I'm so happy to hear all is going well - take care my friend, you are in my prayers

  5. YAY - Mark is on his way! It is nothing short of a miracle the wisdom that God has allowed doctors to be able to do this. You have such a testimony, my friend!

    I love your card sets. Isn't it just like you to make a zillion gift sets for the wonderful people at the hospital! Love that!

  6. These are beautiful Mom. I love the matching envelopes. The little butterflies make it feel almost like spring.


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