Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bunny comes to Cleveland Clinic ...

Okay ... I'm home for the evening and want to share the "little" surprise I have to give my dear husband, Mark, tomorrow. Today was NOT a very good day for him ... lots of nausea and exhaustion. He actually sent me home early ... said there was no sense in me sitting there watching him sleep any longer. So I hope to do a little stamping after this post so I'll have something to show you the beginning of the week!!

On to the "little" surprise! It's really not much but since he's not allowed to have any of the usual Easter goodies ... I just wanted to have SOMETHING to make him smile. What do you think?? I found this cute little guy at Michael's and added a few extra goodies inside. It has an Easter Pez dispenser, Mini Chicklets, Werther's and I added some jelly beans and a plastic decorated Easter egg Yo-Yo ... yep, a yo-yo ... if he doesn't play with it, I hope it at least makes him smile. I really think he'll "give it a try". He's a kid at heart and here at home there are all types of "toys" in the livingroom that are his!! Everything from a crawling army guy that shoots, a rubber dinosaur hand puppet that makes Godzilla sounds (scares all the little kids), to a stuffed "Mush-a-belly" monkey that makes noise when you squeeze his belly or press his hand.
I know ... I told you he was a kid at heart!!! Well, that's it for me tonight!! I would like to wish you all a wonderful, blessed Easter! God Bless You All!!!


  1. This is so cute Darlene, you are such a sweet wife, I'm sure Mark appreciates it. Have a Happy Easter - you'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. I LOVE that Mush-a-belly Monkey! He's my fave! Hope Mark liked his bunny and was feeling better when you arrived yesterday!

  3. You are such a sweet, loving, supportive wife! Did you DH like it? Was he able to play with it at all?

  4. So cute, and PEZ makes everyone smile! Hope it made him happy and that one of you gave the yoyo a try. :-)


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