Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hair Do Day ...

Today I took the time away from DH & Cleveland Clinic to get my hair done at my sister's beauty shoppe. While there I snapped a few photos with my cell phone to share with you all!

Introducing my sister, Linda!! (Isn't she a cutie!!) This is my "wild & crazy" sister!! Hard to believe she's going to be the BIG 60 in June ... she doesn't LOOK or ACT that age!! In fact, she still wears a bikini when she goes to the N.C. beaches every summer!! Now that's a BRAVE woman in my opinion!!! These days I wouldn't even put a bathing suit on let alone a bikini! Of course the fact that I have about 50 pounds on her might have something to do with it ... LOL!!!

I have two sisters and they are BOTH hairdressers! LUCKY ME!! One is here in Ohio and the other one in PA. I used to split my time between the two of them ... having one do the coloring and one do the cutting ... but that got too difficult to coordinate over time so now I have Linda do it all! Unfortunately I didn't think to have her take a picture of ME so I could show you but it looks pretty much like my avatar ... I'm the boring one and have kept the same do for years!!

Sister Linda (as we refer to her) went on a shoe shopping spree yesterday and I just had to share with you this pair she wore to work today ... can you imagine standing all day doing hair in these shoes???? I've seen my other sister wear cowboy boots all day doing hair!!! I have to admit, I think these are really cute ... and check out the fancy pedicure!! What a "fashion plate!!"

Thanks for stopping by to meet my sister! But before I go, just wanted to let you all know that Mark is feeling a lot better today. They have finally figured out the best meds to controls his nausea and he has had the last of the chemo drugs. Tomorrow is a "day of rest" and the transplant is on Thursday. That will all be done right here in his room (amazing) and from what the nurse (Cathy) on staff today told me, it really doesn't take all that long ... same type process as a transfusion. Then it's a waiting game for his body to start creating a new immune system and healing. The wonders of modern day medicine!!! Please keep those happy thoughts & prayers coming ... this is still a work in progress. Thanks to all!!!


Marcy said...

You're sister is a cutie! As my mum and I like to say, those are some "significant" shoes! My hairdresser likes to wear some pretty high heels too. I guess it's a combination of people staring at your feet all day and wanting to be up above your customers' heads!

Glad Mark is feeling better!

Dru said...

Your sister looks like she would be a hoot!! And, I LOVE those shoes. Glad to hear Mark is feeling better and I will be thinking of you. Love the card from today also. Take Care

Amy Johnson said...

Your sister looks like quite the hoot! And she seems like the complete opposite of you. How funny! I'm glad Mark is done with the chemo part. I pray for him everyday that the Lord will comfort him and heal him.

Kay said...

I LOVED meeting your sista! I couldn't go thru life without my sista - the bond between sista's cannot be matched. Dig those shoes too! Good for struttin' yer stuff! Hair-do day looks like fun. As I ALWAYS say: "It's all about the hair!" Thanks for sharing!