Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is your opinion??

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that while sitting here at the Cleveland Clinic I've been making packs of Note Cards for all the nurses, assistants and even housekeeping personnel here in M50 -BMT Section. Well, the one gal (Shawn) has asked me if I would make her bridal shower & wedding invitations. The wedding isn't until next year so of course I said yes. I made up 2 samples (and offered more) for the wedding invitations but she said she didn't need to see any more samples ... she just LOVED the one I had already shown her. Can you pick which one she chose???

Here it is!!! Actually, it is the first idea that popped into my head when she asked me to make them. Her colors are ivory & rust ... so I've used Very Vanilla and Really Rust. She liked them both but liked the elegance of this one. I don't know why the photo looks like the card is white ...

The fact that she just informed me that she'll be needing 200 invitations ... I'm glad she picked this one!!!

We are working on the inside of the card now. She was getting the information together for me this weekend and I'm going to print it onto vellum. I have the perfect floral image for inside the card then overlay it with the vellum words.

After going to the Adventures in Stamping convention held in Akron this weekend ... (yes, I took a few hours away from DH to buy stamps ... what can I say, I'm addicted like all of you, LOL), I purchased a few images I needed for the bridal shower invitations. Here are the samples I will have to show her when she comes back to work this week.

Which sample do you think she'll pick??? I have another "bride" image to show her but I think she'll like this one because I can color in the bodice of the dress with her color for that extra special touch. I also thought she might like something with a "heart image" vs "bride" ... what do you think???
I will let you know her decision later in the week ... I'll give her a little time to decide. She only needs 50 shower invitations ... so any of these won't be too labor intensive.
Thanks for stopping by ... hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I'll have an update on DH on my next post. Things are starting to look UP!!!


Amy Johnson said...

My favorite was the mostly-white-one too, so I'm not surprised she picked that one. I like the first one for the bridal shower one, so I think she'll pick that one!

Kay said...

First off - you offer great choices! I'm with the bride on her invitation choice, I think it is elegant. (And yes, it is do-able for 200!) For the shower invitatation, I'm liking the first one. We'll see what the bride thinks. Hey - this is fun being a part of this! Thanks.

Kris Dickinson said...

They're all beautiful Darlene but that was my choice as well, lol. I always love polka dots.