Friday, May 1, 2009

The BEAUTY of Spring ...

While looking through and commenting on the over 180 updates on my Google Reader this morning, I came upon this lovely post by my friend, Joan Fricker and she has inspired me to share with you some of the outdoor beauty I too have the pleasure of viewing out my window. Please be sure to look through Joan's blog ... she makes some beautiful creations and shares some wonderful stories/recipes/etc. Also please note here request for prayers for her sweet cousing Melanie. This young mother just gave birth to her 3rd child when they discovered a brain hemmorage. You can read this touching story HERE ... please take a moment and say a prayer for this young woman and her family.

The story behind this crab apple tree is that it is over 100 years old and every year brings a smile to our faces in the early Spring when it goes into bloom. I know of it's age due to the fact that the gentleman who lives beyond this apple tree grew up here and used to play in this tree as a young boy. His grandparents owned the property (used to be a farm) that my house and the others in my housing development reside on today. He always remarks how happy he is that I pamper this tree with my constant prunning and care ... he was concerned that it might be chopped down. I assured him that would not happen as long as I lived here!!!

Mark so loved this big old tree when we first moved here 6 years ago, that we went to the local nursery and picked out one to be planted in the front of the house. It has settled in and done very well over the past several years. The first couple of years we had late frosts ... Mark & I made sure to take the time and cover this "young one" to be sure it wouldn't get damaged before it had the opportunity to show it's beauty! And with each passing year it is looking more & more beautiful!

This morning while looking out the front door, I noticed a pair of gold finch perched in this tree. What a beautiful sight!

It has been raining all morning so I didn't walk to the back picnic area but from my kitchen window I can see the "Bleeding Heart" are in full bloom out there and will no doubt need to be split out. Last spring a put a small part of them along the garage and this year they are just blooming beautifully so I thought I'd share a photo of those with you as well.

Usually by now I have my flowers planted in my pots & planters on the deck & front porch as well as preparing my beds around the trees in the picnic area for the impatients that will be planted in a couple of weeks. With DH being in the hospital for the past month, I'm a bit behind on my outside work ... but now that he can recuperate here at home, as soon as the rain stops you know where you can find me ... yep, getting dirty!!! Thanks so much for stopping by today! I can't tell you how much I enjoy you taking the time to stop to see what I'm doing and leave a comment! It truly "makes my day"! Wishing you all God's Blessings upon your weekend!!


The Rubber Maid said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful trees and flowers. Spring is here and I love it. Happy weekend to you too. Pat

Marisa said...

Darlene, you have such a lovely looking house. And I especially love your trees and Bleeding Heart plant. I will have to look if the have that here in Vancouver. From an earlier post you mention that Mark is back home. I am glad that he is home. He will be able to get more rest there and get himself stronger.

Your card are just beautiful. You are one talented lady.

Hope to catch you online soon, so we can chat some more.


Susan (rainy) said...

Oh Darlene.. love your post and the precious apple tree! So happy that Mark is home and recuperating!